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January 01, 2017

Complete GA Questions asked in IBPS Clerk 6

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Complete General Awareness Questions asked in IBPS Clerks VI Mains

  1. 100% equity owned by govt in IPPB
  2. 207 Km bicycle highway in uttar Pradesh
  3. Asia Pacific screen awards best actor - Manoj bajpai
  4. Bollywood theme park in Dubai,UAE
  5. Book - Immortals of meluha by Amish tripathi
  6. BSBDA acc valid for a period of 12 months initially which may be extended by another 12 months if the person provides proof of having applied for an Officially Valid Document
  7. Card not present transaction is payment for online shopping
  8. Commercial papers in India is issued in the form of promissory note
  9. CRA is responsible for User Registration, Imprest Balance Administration and overall E-Stamping application operations. Only central record keeping agency (CRA) is stock holding corporation of India limited
  10. Death- Balamuralikrishna - Carnatic singer
  11. EFTPOS - in which p stands for point
  12. FDI limit in pvt banks is 74%
  13. Global citizen festival - Mumbai,MH
  14. Gobind sagar dam - himachal Pradesh
  15. Hand in Hand is an exercise between India and China
  16. Heart of Asia conference - amritsar, punjab
  17. If an ACC is not used for 2 years is called inoperative or dormant ACC .
  18. In Small Finance Bank (SFB),The maximum loan size and investment limit exposure to a single and group obligor would be restricted to 10 per cent and 15 per cent of its capital funds
  19. India got 145 M777 howitzer from US
  20. Initially shares in RBI owned by Pvt shareholders
  21. Intl criminal court - hague, Netherland
  22. Irom sharmila - Manipur
  23. Kekhashan Basu - Intl children's peace prize
  24. Kumarakom bird sanctuary -Kerala
  25. Local Area Banks area of operation for over two or three contiguous districts.
  26. Micro ATM via Gprs
  27. Microcredit "loan of very small amount" to poor
  28. Microfinance Bank - Bandhan Bank
  29. MMID - Mobile money identifier is a 7 digits code allotted by bank when user registers for mobile banking
  30. NACH is used for making bulk transactions
  31. National financial switch is introduced by IDRBT - Institute for development and research in banking technology
  32. NBFC accept deposits min 12 to max 60 months
  33. NEFT - transaction is done in hourly batches
  34. OTP is not required for transaction  upto 2000 rs
  35. PWD theme - "Achieving 17 goals for the future we want"
  36. Rabobank - HQ- Utrecht, Netherland
  37. RBI to banks - repo rate
  38. SFBs are required to have 25% of their branches in unbanked rural centres
  39. Types of market risks - Interest Rate Risk,Equity Price Risk,Foreign Exchange Risk,Commodity Price Risk Specific risk is not the type of market risk
  40. Working Group on Interest Rate Options - PG apte committee 
    • While no documentation relating to underlying exposure may be required for exposures upto Rs. 5 crore, large corporates may also be allowed to take hedging positions for their anticipated interest rate exposures.
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