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January 07, 2017

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 7th January 2017

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 7th January 2017. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Clamping down on ordinance raj"

  • Clamp down on something - to take strong action to stop or limit a harmful or unwanted activity
  • Ordinance - a law or rule made by a government or authority
  • Superior - higher in rank or social position than others
  • Constitutional - allowed by the constitution of a country or organization
  • Functionaries - officials who works for a government or a political party
  • Routinely - as part of the usual way of doing something
    English Vocabulary by Kani
  • Deprecate - to not approve of something or say that you do not approve of something
  • Propensity - the fact that someone is likely to behave in a particular way, especially a bad way
  • Expediency - the use of methods that produce an immediate result or solution to a problem, but may not be fair or honest
  • Temptation - the wish to do or have something that you know you should not do or have
  • Vested in somebody - if property, shares, etc. vest in someone, they legally become theirs
  • Reluctance - not willing to do something
  • Impasse - a situation in which progress is impossible, especially because the people involved cannot agree
  • Wilful - done deliberately in order to cause damage or harm
  • Vociferous - someone who is vociferous expresses their opinion loudly and with force
  • Verdict - an official judgment made in a court
  • Cavalier - not considering other people's feelings or safety
  • Promulgation - to spread beliefs or ideas among a lot of people
  • Abuse - to use something for the wrong purpose in a way that is harmful or morally wrong
  • Fraud - the crime of getting money by deceiving people
  • Oblique - not expressing something directly
  • Ethical - involving the principles used for deciding what is right and what is wrong
  • Circumstance -  a fact or condition that affects a situation
  • Cynical -  believing that people are only interested in themselves and are not sincere
  • Privilege - an advantage that only one person or group of people has, usually because of their position or because they are rich
  • Expediency - the use of methods that produce an immediate result or solution to a problem, but may not be fair or honest
  • Accountability - a situation in which someone is responsible for things that happen and can give a satisfactory reason for them:
  • Contending - to compete in order to win something
  • Exigency - the difficulties of a situation, especially one that causes urgent demands
  • Compelling - if a reason, argument, etc. is compelling, it makes you believe it or accept it because it is so strong
  • Tactic - a planned way of doing something
  • Dysfunctional - not working normally
  • Obstructionism - the act of intentionally stopping or slowing down an official process
  • Obstinacy - the quality of being unwilling to be reasonable and change your behaviour, plans, or ideas
  • Aisle - ideological differences between parties
  • Derail - to prevent a plan or process from succeeding
  • Propriety - correct moral behaviour or actions

Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Dhoni: A remarkable captain"

  • Remarkable - unusual in a way that surprises or impresses you
  • Regard - to consider or have an opinion about something or someone
  • Dashing - attractive in a confident, exciting, and stylish way
  • Flamboyance - very confident in behaviour, and liking to be noticed by other people
  • Ironically - in a way that is different or opposite from the result you would expect
  • Inexplicably - unable to be explained or understood
  • Relinquish - to give up something such as a responsibility or job
  • Play your cards close to your chest - to not tell people what you are thinking or planning
  • Juncture - a particular point in time
  • Exceptionally - much greater than usual, especially in skill, intelligence, quality, etc
  • Clear-sighted - having a good understanding of a particular subject and the ability to make good judgments about it
  • Virtue -  a good moral quality in a person, or the general quality of being morally good
  • Skipper - the captain of a sports team
  • Unlikely - not probable or likely to happen
  • Summon - to increase your courage or strength, especially with an effort
  • Significantly - in a way that is easy to see or by a large amount
  • Predatory - treating other people badly for your own benefit
  • Aura - a feeling or character that a person or place seems to have
  • Eerie - strange in a frightening and mysterious way
  • Dissipated - spending too much time and money on physical pleasures that are not good for your health
  • Consistency - the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way
  • Legacy - something that is a part of your history or that remains from an earlier time
  • Bequeaths - pass (something) on or leave (something) to someone else
  • Verve - great energy and enthusiasm
  • Intuitive - based on your feelings rather than on facts or evidence
  • Nerve - the courage or confidence necessary to do something difficult, rude
  • Pre-empt - to do or say something before someone so that you make their words or actions unnecessary or not effective
  • Panicking - a sudden strong feeling of fear that prevents reasonable thought and action
  • Blink - to close your eyes for a very short time and quickly open them again
  • Composure - the feeling of being calm, confident, and in control
  • Successor - someone who has an important position after someone else
  • Moreover - used for introducing an additional and important fact that supports or emphasizes what you have just said

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