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December 26, 2016

Gr8 Motivational Story of the Day - 4

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Today's Motivational Story : Not 'Just' a Pencil

Sam was a very short tempered boy. Every time he lost his temper he would go around breaking things. His parents tried their best to control his temper but he just would not listen. But Sam was very scared of his grandfather because he was a tall and heavy built man with a big moustache. 

One day in a fit of temper Sam broke his new pencil. His grandfatehr called him aside and asked him, "Is it fair to break such a beautiful pencil ?"

"But it is only a pencil !" said Sam.

"But you can learn so much from it. Come here. I'll tell you" ordered grandfatehr. 

Sam went and sat next to him with a puzzled look.

"This pencil can teach you five very important qualities n life and if you follow them you will be a very successful person in life. First, all of us are capable of great things. But just as the pencil requires a hand to hld and guide it, you must realize that you too need the guidance of older and more experienced people. Always respect others for their knowledge. 

"Secondly, every now and then we need to sharpen the pencil so that it can write better. The pencil loses some of its body but comes out sharper. Similarly every now and then we have to take sharpen our talents so that we are better prepared to face life. You might have to undergo a bit of pain but the experience will make you a better person".

Sam was beginning to like this. 

"Thirdly the pencil allows you to erase any mistake that it has made with the help of an eraser. In life we also must learn, to learn from our mistakes and make sure that they are corrected and not repeated. 

"Fourthly, although we say that the pencil is made of wood, what makes it special is the graphite that is inside. A pencil without graphite is useless. So always remember that what matters is who you really are, as a person. YOur physical appearance is not important. So pay attention to yoru inner self. If you are going to be short tempered like this all your life then no one will want to be friends with you. 

"And finally, the pencil always leaves a mark - big or small, depending on how you use it. So you must always aim at achieving something in life and leave a mark" said grandfather with a smile on his face. 

Sam never forget this wonderful story he heard about the pencil from his grandfather and remebered it all his life. 

Lesson Learnt : Nothing is insignificant in this world .We can learn valuable lessons from the simple things that surround us. Imbibe good qualities from people and make a difference to others. 

Shared by Ankita Sahni

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