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December 21, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 21st December 2016

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 21st December 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Demonetisation — an unkind postscript"

  • Demonetisation - to officially stop using particular notes or coins, or a particular currency
  • Unkind - not treating someone very well; not considering someone's feelings
  • Postscript - information added to the end of a story, article, or report
  • Confluence - a situation in which two or more things come together
    News Papers Editorial Vocabulary
  • Legal tender - the money that can be officially used in a country
  • Caveat - a warning to consider something before taking any more action
  • Fathom - to understand someone or why someone acts as they do
  • Constitute - to form or make something
  • Opting - making a choice / chose
  • Disclose - to give information to people, especially information that was secret
  • Unaccounted - unpaid
  • Amnesty - a fixed period of time during which people are not punished for committing a particular crime
  • Tendency - an aspect of your character that you show by behaving in a particular way
  • Queued up - to wait for something in a queue
  • Overstretched - not having enough money, people, equipment, etc
  • Cope - to deal successfully with a difficult situation
  • Diktat - an order that must be obeyed
  • Arbitrary - based on chance rather than being planned or based on reason
  • Nevertheless - despite what has just been said or referred to
  • Audit - an official examination of the financial records of a company, organization, or person to see that they are accurate
  • Threshold - a limit at which an arrangement changes
  • Tantamount - to have the same bad qualities or effect as something else
  • Outsourcing - a situation in which a company employs another organization to do some of its work, rather than using its own employees to do it
  • Ostensible - appearing or claiming to be one thing when it is really something else
  • Scrutinised - to examine something very carefully
  • Stipulated - to say what is allowed or what is necessary
  • Altogether - completely
  • Spooked - to suddenly feel frightened or nervous
  • Prospect - the idea of something that will or might happen in the future
  • Skewed - facts, information, or results that are skewed are not accurate because they have been affected by something
  • Flip-flop - to change a plan completely
  • Panic - a sudden strong feeling of fear that prevents reasonable thought and action
  • Gambit - something that you say or do in an attempt to gain an advantage

Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Angela Merkel’s challenge"

  • Claim somebody's life - if a violent event, fighting, or a disease claims someone's life, it kills that person
  • Spate - a larger number of events than usual, especially unpleasant ones, happening at about the same time
  • Liberal - respecting and allowing many different types of beliefs or behaviour
  • Immigration - the process of examining your passport and other documents to make certain that you can be allowed to enter the country, or the place where this is done
  • Diplomatic - involving diplomats or the management of the relationships between countries
  • Acumen - skill in making correct decisions and judgments in a particular subject, such as business or politics
  • Implications - an occasion when you seem to suggest something without saying it directly
  • Measured - careful and controlled, or not fast
  • Crisis - a time of great disagreement, confusion, or suffering
  • Eurozone - the countries belonging to the European Union that use the euro as their unit of money
  • Pilloried - to severely criticize someone, especially in a public way
  • Conservative - not usually liking or trusting change, especially sudden change
  • Indulgence - an occasion when you allow or do not mind someone's failure or bad behaviour
  • Profligate - spending money in a way that wastes it and is not wise
  • Multilateral - involving more than two groups or countries
  • Negotiated - happening or existing as a result of formal discussions
  • Bailout - the act of helping a person or organization that is in difficulty, usually by giving or giving or lending money
  • Protester - someone who shows that they disagree with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs, etc
  • Placard - a large piece of card, paper, etc. with a message written or printed on it, often carried in public places by people who are complaining about something
  • Hitherto - until now or until a particular time
  • Cautious - careful to avoid problems or danger
  • Indecisive - unable to make decisions
  • Spontaneous - happening or done in a natural, often sudden way, without any planning or without being forced
  • Tragic - causing or involving great sadness, because someone suffers or dies
  • Refugee - a person who has escaped from their own country for political, religious, or economic reasons or because of a war
  • Choppy - with a lot of small, rough waves caused by the wind
  • Mediterranean - the sea surrounded by southern Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia
  • Integral - forming an essential part of something and needed to make it complete
  • Alienated - feeling that you do not belong in a particular society, place, or group
  • Allies - a country that has agreed officially to give help and support to another one, especially during a war
  • Paradoxically - used for saying that something is strange because it is the opposite of what you expect
  • Xenophobic - a strong fear and dislike of people from other countries and cultures
  • Fluid - smooth and continuous
  • Scenario - a description of possible actions or events in the future
  • Staunchly - strongly
  • Prospects - the possibility of being successful, especially at work
  • Rallying - to (cause to) come together in order to provide support
  • Anxious - worried and nervous
  • Cash in - to use an opportunity to make a profit or gain an advantage
  • Tragedy - a very sad event or situation, especially one involving death or suffering
  • Instinct - the way people or animals naturally react or behave, without having to think or learn about it
  • Pluralistic - the belief that the existence of different types of people within the same society is a good thing
  • Underpin - to give support, strength, or a basic structure to something
  • Unequivocal - clear, definite, and without doubt
  • Sexual orientation - the fact of someone preferring to have sexual relationships either with men, or with women, or with both
  • Resonate - to continue to have a powerful effect or value
  • Alliance - an agreement to work with someone else to try to achieve the same thing

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