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December 22, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 22nd December 2016

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 22nd December 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "A chance for peace in Syria"

  • Coming together - to start working successfully with each other
  • Diplomatic - acting in a way that does not cause offence
  • Crisis - an urgent, difficult, or dangerous situation
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
    Vocabulary from The Hindu News Paper
  • Assassination - the murder of a famous or important person, especially for political reasons
  • Ambassador - a senior official who lives in a foreign country and represents his or her own country there
  • Negotiations - the process of discussing something with someone in order to reach an agreement with them
  • Deliberation - considering or discussing something
  • Evacuation - the process of moving people from a dangerous place to somewhere safe
  • Mentor - advise or train
  • Sustainable - able to continue over a period of time
  • Ceasefire - an agreement, usually between two armies, to stop fighting in order to allow discussions about peace
  • Coalition - the joining together of different political parties or groups for a particular purpose, usually for a limited time
  • Regretted - to feel sorry or sad that something has happened
  • Bilateral - involving two groups or countries
  • Impediment - something that makes progress, movement, or achieving something difficult or impossible
  • Breakthrough - an important discovery or event that helps to improve a situation or provide an answer to a problem
  • Initiative - a new plan or process to achieve something or solve a problem
  • Leverage - power to influence people and get the results you want
  • Regime - a particular government or a system or method of government
  • Backfire - (of a plan) to have the opposite result from the one you expected
  • Severe - extreme or very difficult
  • Instability - a situation that keeps changing, so that you are worried about what might happen
  • Radical group - a radical group believes that important political or social changes are necessary
  • Intervention - the act or fact of becoming involved intentionally in a difficult situation
  • Defend -  to protect someone or something against attack or criticism; to speak in favour of someone or something
  • Avenue - a method or way of doing something
  • Stakeholder - someone who has an interest in the success of a plan, system, or organization
  • Convergence - a situation in which people or things gradually become the same or very similar
  • Stabilising - to reach a state where there are no longer any major changes or problems
  • Backing - supporting
  • Rebel - a person who is opposed to the political system in their country and tries to change it using force
  • Ally - a country that has agreed officially to give help and support to another one
  • Instrumental - if someone or something is instrumental in a process, plan, or system, that person or thing is one of the most important influences in causing it to happen
  • Precondition - something that must happen or be done before something else can happen

Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Ending the Manipur blockade"

  • Blockade - the situation in which a country or place is surrounded by soldiers or ships to stop people or goods from going in or out
  • Severely - very seriously
  • Escalating - increasing
  • Demonetisation - to officially stop using particular notes or coins, or a particular currency
  • Exacerbate - to make something that is already bad even worse
  • Enforce - to make people obey a law, or to make a particular situation happen or be accepted
  • Counter - to react to something with an opposing opinion or action, or to defend yourself against something
  • Debilitating - causing weakness
  • Gazette - a news paper
  • Bifurcate - to divide into two parts
  • Carve something out - to successfully create or get something
  • Easing - the action or process of making something less severe or difficult
  • Far-flung - used to refer to places that are a great distance away
  • Around the corner - a time or event that is just around the corner is coming very soon
  • Desperate - very great or extreme
  • Woo - to try to convince someone to support you or to use your business
  • Protest - a strong complaint expressing disagreement, disapproval, or opposition
  • Alleging - to say that someone has done something illegal or wrong without giving proof
  • Consultation - discussion between people or groups before they make a decision
  • Violation - an action that is in opposition to a law, agreement, principle etc
  • Memoranda of understanding - a document that records the details of an agreement between two companies or organizations, which has not yet been legally approved
  • Paramilitary - a paramilitary group is organized like an army but is not official and often not legal
  • Inaction - failure to do anything that might provide a solution to a problem
  • Arterial - part of a larger road or rail system
  • Cynical - willing to let other people be harmed so that you can get an advantage
  • Ploy - a way of tricking or confusing someone in order to get an advantage or to make them do what you want
  • Ethnic - relating to a particular race of people
  • Polarisation - to form two very different groups, opinions, or situations that are completely opposite to each other
  • Threatens -  to tell someone that you might or you will cause them harm, especially in order to make them do something
  • Fragile - used about a situation, that can easily be damaged or destroyed
  • Redistricting - the process of changing the boundaries of electoral districts to take account of changes in population
  • Zero tolerance - the act of punishing all criminal or unacceptable behaviour severely, even if it is not very serious

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