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November 12, 2016

Banking Awareness Quiz - Set 105

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  1. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in August 2016 constituted which committee to look at various facets of household finance in India ?
    1. Sumit Bose Committee on Household Finance
    2. Tarun Ramadorai Committee on Household Finance
    3. Harun R Khan Committee on Household Finance
    4. Deepak Mohanty Committee on Household Finance
  2. Recently we read in the news papers that RBI is evolving models to achieve more "Financial Inclusion". Which among the following is a big problem in rural branches which poses a backdrop in "Financial Inclusion" ?
    1. There is little infrastructure in Rural areas of India
    2. Most of the Rural Branches are not CBS (Core Banking System) compliant
    3. The Banking Business in Rural areas is not profitable
    4. Both 1 and 2
  3. Recently we read in the news papers that Export Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank) is considering raising funds through Samurai bonds. Which among the following is true about Samurai Bonds ?
    1. Yen-denominated bonds issued in Japan by a non-Japanese company and subject to Japanese regulations
    2. Yen-denominated bonds issued out of Japan by a Japanese company and not subject to Japanese regulations
    3. Yen-denominated bonds issued in Japan by a non-Japanese company and however not subject to Japanese regulations
    4. All are correct 
  4. With which country union Cabinet approved revised Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) for avoidance of double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income ?
    1. Fiji
    2. Finland
    3. France
    4. Cyprus
  5. The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016 passed in Lok Sabha seeks to amend the Income Tax Act of the year ?
    1. 1956
    2. 1961
    3. 1975
    4. 1993
  6. Which statement/s is/are true related to banning of cash transactions to curb black money ?
      • a. The  government is set to bank cash transactions over 3 lakhs
      • b. The supreme court appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money
    1. a only
    2. b only
    3. both a and b
    4. none of the above
  7. By which card, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is launched a service in which commuters will be able to pay bus fares ?
    1. Metro Smart Card
    2. Debit Card
    3. Credit Card
    4. Metro Bus Pass
  8. Which commission have approved a wage hike among with a hike in Market Development Assistance ?
    1. Micro and Macro Industries Commission
    2. Cotton and Wool Industries Commission
    3. Small and Cottage Industries Commission
    4. Khadi and Village Industries Commission
  9. What is the name of internet based trading platform by which Andhra Bank and government jointly with Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services ?
    1. AP eTrade
    2. GEO eTrade
    3. BNP eTrade
    4. AB eTrade
  10. The government has selected four investment banks namely Nomura, SBI Caps, ICICI Securities and IDBI Capital for the proposed share sale in _____________
    1. SIDCO
    2. HDFC
    3. SIDBI
    4. HUDCO
  11. Which Bank has come into existence after it received certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies, setting the stage for the new bank to begin operations in 2017 ?
    1. Paytm
    2. India Post Payments
    3. Oxigen
    4. SIDBI
  12. S & P Dow Jones Indices and BSE, Asia Index jointly launched a new index to measure the performance which rate for transactions maturing on the following business day ?
    1. Repo Rate 
    2. Marginal Standing Facility 
    3. Collaterlized borrowing and lending obligation
    4. London Interbank organization rate
  13. Bihar Chief Minister announced the launch of which scheme from October 2nd to provide interest free loan to students for pursuing higher education ?
    1. Student Debit Card
    2. Student Project Card
    3. Student Credit Card
    4. Student Seva Card
  14. National Pension System (NPS) regulator PFRDA has substantially lowered the minimum annual contribution to how much to keep the account active in the National Pension System ?
    1. Rs. 2000
    2. Rs. 3000
    3. Rs. 1000
    4. Rs. 500
  15. Which state assembly passed the Amusement and Betting Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2016 to give a fillip to the local film industry ?
    1. Haryana
    2. Assam
    3. Bihar
    4. Gujarat
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