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November 20, 2016

Detailed Review & Questions Asked in Today's IBPS PO VI Mains (Expected Cutoffs)

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This is Jagad and here are my reviews for today's IBPS PO VI Mains exam. It was expected to be difficult than last year and the same happened.

Here is my analysis of Difficulty Levels and Expected Cutoffs of IBPS PO VI

Level (Scale of 5)
Expected Cutoff
Difficult (5)
Difficult to Moderate (4)
General Awareness
Difficult to Moderate (3.5)
Computer Knowledge
Moderate (3)
Quantitative Aptitude
Difficult (5)

Expected overall cut off : General - 65 - 75

General Awareness Questions asked in Today's IBPS PO VI Mains :

  • Related to Unified Payment interface - Answer is UPI
  • BBPS min net worth 100 crore
  • Nassau - Capital of Bahamas
  • Oliver hart and Holmstorm got Nobel prize in economy for - Contract theory
  • Kalikho Pul died as CM of which state - Arunachal Pradesh
  • Indravati national park in Chatisgarh
  • Bhavani Sagar Dam in Tamil Nadu
  • 10000 rupees demonitised in 1978
  • State bank of sikkim - not regulated by RBI
  • EFTPOS machine - E stands for? electronic
  • One Indian Girl - Chetan Bhagat
  • Not true about Payment Banks - Does not allow remittances

Computer Knowledge Questions asked in Today's IBPS PO VI Mains

1. 1 nibble = 4 bits
2. Net neutrality
3. Cloud related question
4. ICs introduced in third generation
5. Networks large geographic - WAN

I missed to see the number of questions I answered overall but itwould be less than 100.
More GA and CK questions are welcome so that we can consolidate and check our answers.

Thank you

General Awareness Questions shared by Ved 2012
  • Antverp diamond bank located in which country?
  • Committee headed by ratan p. Vatal is formed for which action?
  • Corporation bank hq ?
  • Economy's nobel prize.
  • Haima typhoon hit which country ?
  • In which state Bhawani sagar dam is located ?
  • India's growth rate according to RBI.
  • Kalikho pul was the CM of which state ?
  • Nassau is the capital of which country ?
  • Nato 2017 summit will be held at which country ?
  • On what date MICR was applied ?
  • OPEC hq.
  • Short term negotiable instrument.
  • Sino- india army exercise at which place ?
  • State bank of sikkim does not exist.
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