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November 17, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 17th November 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 17th November 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials 

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Against the odds"

  • Against the odds - if you do or achieve something against (all) the odds/against all odds, you do or achieve it although there were a lot of problems and you were not likely to succeed
  • Turn up - to happen in unexpected way
    Hindu Vocabulary of 17-11-2016
  • Valley - an area of low land between hills or mountains
  • Crucial - extremely important or necessary
  • Normalcy - the state of being normal
  • Unrest - disagreements or fighting between different groups of people
  • Given - knowing about or considering a particular thing
  • Disrupt - to interrupt something and prevent it from continuing by creating a problem
  • Opting - to make a choice or decision from a range of possibilities
  • Summarily - immediately, and without following the usual official methods or processes
  • Postponed - to delay an event and plan or decide that it should happen at a later date or time
  • Arson - the illegal use of fire to destroy a house, building, or property
  • Ablaze - burning very strongly
  • Miscreants - someone who behaves badly or does not obey rules
  • Hostage - someone who is taken as a prisoner by an enemy in order to force the other people involved to do what the enemy wants
  • Constituency - a group of people who support a particular person, product, suggestion, etc
  • Firewall - a wall built to stop a fire from spreading from one area of a building to another area (here : protection)
  • Disruptions - a situation in which something cannot continue because of a problem
  • Imposed - to officially force a rule, tax, punishment, etc
  • Crossfire - bullets fired towards you from different directions
  • Unconscionable - morally unacceptable
  • Persistence - the attitude or behaviour of someone who continues to do, or try to do, something in a determined way
  • Pellet - a small round piece of steel or lead that is fired from a gun
  • Curtailed - to reduce or limit something
  • Aspiration - something that you hope to achieve
  • Tenuous - weak and likely to change
  • Normalise - to make something normal, or to become normal
  • Spilled over - to spread to other areas
  • Rhetoric - a style of speaking or writing that is intended to influence people
  • Separatists - a group of people who want to be independent of a national, religious, or other group to which they belong
  • Bewildering - confusing and difficult to understand
  • For instance - for example
  • Demonetisation - to officially stop using particular notes or coins, or a particular currency
  • Protests - an occasion when people show that they disagree with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs, etc
  • Acknowledgement -  something that you say or do in order to show that you accept that something exists or is true
  • Shutdown - an occasion when a machine or factory stops working temporarily
  • Fractious - easily upset or annoyed
  • Foster - to help something to develop over a period of time
  • Initiative - an important action that is intended to solve a problem
  • Inordinate - much more than you would usually expect
  • Hardship - a situation in which life is very difficult

Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "A challenge and an opportunity"

  • Operationalised - put into operation or use
  • Shipment - a large amount of goods sent together to a place, or the act of sending them
  • Shortfall - an amount that is less than the level that was expected or needed
  • Game changer - something such as a product or event that affects a situation or area of business very much
  • Misgivings - a feeling of doubt or worry about a future event
  • Domestically - in a way that relates to the home, house, or family
  • Critic - someone who says that they do not approve of someone or something
  • Viability - ability to work as intended or to succeed
  • Accusing - suggesting that you think someone has done something bad
  • Impediment - something that makes progress, movement, or achieving something difficult or impossible
  • Contained - to control or hide
  • Endanger - to put someone or something at risk or in danger of being harmed, damaged, or destroyed
  • Troops - soldiers on duty in a large group
  • Slowdown - a period when there is less activity
  • Instability - a situation that keeps changing, so that you are worried about what might happen
  • Impact - an effect, or an influence
  • Dismissal - a refusal to accept that something might be true or important
  • Disdain - the feeling that someone or something is not important and does not deserve any respect
  • Outright - complete
  • Concern - a feeling of worry about something
  • Disputed - a disputed area is one that different countries claim belongs to them, so that there is a disagreement or war between them
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • On board - involved in a project or organization, or working for a company
  • Implications - a possible effect or result
  • Clinch - if two people clinch, they hold each other tightly, usually in a fight
  • Naval base - an area  where warships (navy ships kept when they have no mission at sea

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