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November 10, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 10th November 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 10th November 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials 

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Understanding Trumpocalypse"

  • Apocalypse - a time when the whole world will be destroyed
  • Echo -  if a noise echoes, it is repeated because the sound hits a surface and returns
  • Shell-shocked - extremely tired and nervous or frightened, especially after an unpleasant and unexpected event, or extremely surprised
  • Downcast - sad and without hope
  • Delirious - extremely happy or excited
  • Sheer - used to emphasize how very great, important, or powerful a quality or feeling is
  • Divergence - the situation in which two things become different
  • Poignant - causing or having a very sharp feeling of sadness
  • Polarising - to form two very different groups, opinions, or situations that are completely opposite to each other
  • Campaign - a series of things that a politician or political party does to try to win an election
  • Bigotry - intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself
  • Patriarchy - a society controlled by men in which they use their power to their own advantage
  • Racist - someone who believes that other races are not as good as their own and therefore treats them unfairly
  • Rancour - a feeling of hate or anger that lasts a long time
  • Incivility - rudeness
  • Catharsis - the process of expressing strong feelings that have been affecting you so that they do not upset you any longer
  • Apotheosis - the best or most extreme example of something
  • Exit poll - the activity of asking people about how they voted as they leave a polling station (place at which people vote), to try to discover who will win the election
  • Opponent - a person who disagrees with something and speaks against it or tries to change it
  • Blue-collared - people who do work using physical strength or skill with their hands rather than working in an office
  • Thronged - if people throng somewhere, a lot of them go there
  • Droves - large numbers
  • Perceived - to come to an opinion about something, or have a belief about something
  • Impoverishment - the state of being extremely poor
  • Disenfranchisement - taking away power or opportunities from a person or group
  • Inflict - to force someone to experience something very unpleasant
  • Elite -  the richest, most powerful, best-educated, or best-trained group in a society
  • Metaphorical - intended to represent or emphasize particular aspects of something else
  • Pollster - a person who does opinion polls
  • Apparently - based only on what you have heard, not on what you are certain is true
  • Suspect -  to think or believe something to be true or probable
  • Respondent - a person who answers a request for information
  • For instance - for example
  • Reluctant - not willing to do something
  • Boasting -  to speak too proudly or happily about what you have done or what you own
  • Assault - a violent attack
  • Allegation - a statement, made without giving proof, that someone has done something wrong or illegal
  • Significant - important or noticeable
  • Tilted - to influence a situation in a particular way
  • Insofar as  - used for talking about the degree to which something happens, or the situation in which something happens
  • Go against the grain - if something goes against the grain, you would not usually do it because it would be unusual
  • Recrimination - arguments between people who are blaming each other
  • Conciliatory - intended to show that you care about the feelings or opinions of someone who is angry or upset with you
  • Afar - from or at a great distance
  • Collaborative - involving people or groups working together to produce something

Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "A method in the shock therapy"

  • Curb - to control or limit something that is not wanted
  • Unaccounted - missing / unpaid
  • Legal tender - the money that can be officially used in a country
  • Invoked - to use a law in order to achieve something
  • Provocative - intended to start arguments between people
  • Imagery - the use of words or pictures in books, films, paintings, etc. to describe ideas or situations
  • Stashing - storing or hiding something, especially a large amount
  • Ill-gained - to get something in an illegal way
  • Illicit - illegal or disapproved of by society
  • Fuelling - to increase something
  • Inflation - an economic process in which prices increase so that money becomes less valuable
  • Seldom - not often (almost never)
  • Disproportionate - too large or too small in comparison to something else, or not deserving its importance or influence
  • Counterfeit - counterfeit bank notes, products, tickets etc are illegal copies made in order to cheak people
  • Purge - to remove a bad or unpleasant condition or feeling from someone or something
  • Amassed - to get a large amount of something, especially money or information, by collecting it over a long period
  • Hardship - (something that causes) difficult or unpleasant conditions of life
  • Scramble - to compete with other people for something there is very little of
  • Expenditure -  the total amount of money that a government or person spends
  • Outweigh - to be greater or more important than something else
  • Stash  - to store or hide something, especially a large amount
  • Dramatic - very sudden or noticeable, or full of action and excitement
  • Amnesty - a fixed period of time during which people are not punished for committing a particular crime
  • Yield - to produce something useful
  • Disruptive - causing trouble and therefore stopping something from continuing as usual
  • Perhaps - used for saying that you are not certain about something, or that something may or may not be true
  • Saddled - burdened
  • Reform -  to make an improvement
  • Prospect - the possibility that something will happen
  • Regime - a system of rules that control something
  • Spawning - to cause something new, or many new things, to grow or start suddenly
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