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September 22, 2016

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 96

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Who is regarded as the Father of the India's Nuclear programme ?

The painting 'Shakuntala' was painted by which eminent painter in the 19th Century ?

Name the fist Indian to go into space ?

Name the female sultan of Delhi who was trained to lead armies and go into battles ?

Name the frog that is nocturnal ?

What is the geographical term for a ridge of rocks found in the tidal zone along a coastline ?

Which is the longest reptile ?

Where were the Summer Olympic Games held in the year 2016 ?

Name the explorer who was the first to reach the North and South Pole ?

Who launched the first liquid fuel rocket ?

Name the fastest swimming fish ?

Name the Swiss tennis player who is also a grand slam tournament title holder ?

The term 'feather' is used in which sport ?

Name the greatest library of the ancient world ?

Who was the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature ?

Rajarajeshwari. M

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