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September 14, 2016

September 2016 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 9

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The world’s largest river island was recently declared as a district to make it the 35th district of Assam and the only river island district in India. Name it ?

Who is the Chief Minister of Assam ?

The Foundation of the Republic of North Korea is observed on ?

What is the Capital of North Korea ?

According to the National Sample Survey Office's survey, which state has been adjudged the cleanest state in India ?

___________ was ranked last in the above list  ?

The BSEB has recently announced that it is going to introduce a digital marking system under which the evaluators will be given scanned answer sheets which will be checked on the ​computer screen, and marks will be awarded online. What is BSEB ?

After weeks of civil unrest and economic recession in the country, the Prime Minister of Armenia has recently announced his resignation. Who is he ?

Who is the current Prime Minister of Armenia ?

General Motors Chairman and CEO has retained her top position on Fortune magazine's 2016 list of Most Powerful Women. Name her ?

The Chief Minister of which state has recently launched ‘CM Scooty scheme’ in the state under which 300 girls of two colleges were distributed scooters ?

The Independence Day of Tajikistan is observed on ?

What is the currency of Tajikistan ?

Pangolin is the world’s most trafficked mammal and the only one to be completely covered in scales. Name the major supplier of pangolin meat and scales across illegal markets in China, Vietnam, and Thailand ?

A Novel titled "Into the Hidden Valley" has won 2016 MM Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction in the United Kingdom. The novel is authored by ?

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