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September 29, 2016

September 2016 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 19

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The Cabinet has approved the scrapping of the ______________ year old practice of presenting a separate Railway Budget and merged it with the Union Budget.

The Railway Budget was separated from the general government finances in which year ?

The 2 member committee on restructuring of the Ministry of Railways has recommended to discard the British era practice of a spearate rail budget. Who are the members of this committee ?

Which country topped the World Economic Freedom Index 2016 ?

What is India's rank in World Economic Freedom Index 2016 ?

Which is the oldest engineering college in India ?

World Alzheimer's Day is observed on ?

What is the theme of World Alzheimer's Month 2016 ?

Google has recently launched its smart messaging app which is the first product to have the 'Google Assistant'. Name it ?

Which Indian e-commerce company has recently crossed the 100-million registered users mark, becoming the first e-commerce company in the country to hit the milestone ?

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) today approved _________ million assistance for India's first coastal industrial corridor between Visakhapatnam and Chennai.

A Former Indian wicketkeeper-batsman has been made BCCI's new chief selector. Who is he ?

World Peace Day is observed on ?

What is the theme of World Peace Day 2016 ?

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