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July 03, 2016

SBI PO 2016 Preliminary Exam Analysis

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Dear friends....

Greeting for the day

Your friend THE SUk is again before you with analysis of his SBI PO PRE 16

As we know that the tussle of sbi po pre is going on....

And a lot of guys are yet to appear in this exam on next Saturday and Sunday...

Hence i am here to share my experience of exam

I have taken my test today @ reporting time 3:30pm

As you all already know that i don't like to stand in line hence i had reached the center at 3:50pm😉
After doing form formalities which was quite easy in compare with sbi clk mains, i had entered in the examination hall

I have prepared myself completely before the exam started

As the exam started, i quickly jumped to English section and first started to read passage and in 18 minutes, i was finished with whole section. I had done all 30 questions
After that i had gone through maths
I had solved the questions by picking them randomly as i was previously decided to do only quadratic equations-5, DI-10, approximation-5, and series-10 but could not crack three series, hence my total attempt in this section is 22 only in 22 min.

Now i had 20 min rest only for reasoning
I had started with a puzzle of 7 questions of month-subject-person. I had failed to solve it in first attempt but succeed in second which also led to my five less attempt in this section. After that i solved inequality-5 then blood relation puzzle-5 and after it in last two min couldn't solved the another puzzle
I had done 17questions in 20 min in reasoning.

My total attempt is 69/100 in 1 hour.

I had done as i could, but as we know that we are always hungry of doing more questions as we usually think after exam that i could do 5 more questions or 10 more questions. Same thing happened with me as well.

Well i had done with my pre exam, now it's your turn.
I hope that my experience would help you in making your strategy.

Pray for the best for you and me as well😊
Good luck !
All the best!
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