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July 05, 2016

Important Details you should know about NASA's Juno Spacecraft

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NASA's $1.1 billion Juno spacecraft today successfully entered the orbit of Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system. Launched five years ago, the spacecraft will study Jupiter's composition, gravity, magnetic field and search clues about the planet's formation. 

Juno will be the second spacecraft to orbit Jupiter, following the Galileo probe which orbited from 1995–2003. This mission to Jupiter is named after the Roman Goddess Juno, who is considered the wife of Roman God Jupiter. In Roman mythology, Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself for hiding. It was Juno who was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter's true nature. Notably, Juno is designed to study Jupiter's origin and evolution.

Important Points to Know
  • Launched on : 5th August 2011
  • Rocket : Atlas V 551 (AV-029)
  • Arrived to Jupiter on : 5th July 2016
  • Mission Duration : 6 years
  • Juno is the 2nd Spacecraft to orbit jupiter.
  • 1st Spacecraft was : Galileo
    • Launched on : 18th October 1989
    • Arrived to Jupiter on : 7th December 1995
    • Terminated on : 21st September 2003
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