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July 08, 2018

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 87

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Which martial art form developed as a survival-oriented dance-fight-game in the 16th century against Portugese oppressors ?

Of which material is the modern day pole made of ?

Which branch of medicine deals with disorders of the heart ?

What are map makers also known as ?

What is the expanded form of CBI ?

In which sport does one use the term 'pawn' ?

Name the biggest salt water lake in India ?

Name the biggest amphibian ?

'Banana' is a sporting term for which sport ?

Which five sports are part of the Modern Olympic Games since the beginning ?

Name the author of the sahitya akademi award winning book "Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer" ?

What is a large wall or earth barrier used to block a river valley is called ?

Who discovered the Victoria Falls in Africa ?

Name the branch of science that deals with the problems and treatments of Skin ?

Who was the oldest recipient of the Noble Prize for Literature ?

Who is known as the Missile Man of India ?

Who became the first person to perform a heart transplant operation ?

Who invented Vaccines ?

Name the first African American woman to go into space ?

Name the coldest place in India ?

Rajarajeshwari. M

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