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July 25, 2016

English Vocabulary in 365 Days - Lesson 32

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Hello everyone, in our Lesson 31, we learnt about the prefixes Homo and HomeoHomo; Homeo represent the meanings same; equalToday we shall see the prefix hyper. Happy Reading :)

Day 32 : Hyper

  • hyper - excessive; over; above
Let's try to understand this with some examples
  • hypertension (noun) = blood pressure that is higher than is normal.
    • hyper - Prefix = beyond, excessive
    • ten (tendere) - Root = stretch 
    • sion - Suffix = the state of
  • hyperbola (noun) = a symmetrical open curve
    • hyper - Prefix = above 
    • bola (ballen) - Root = to throw
Let's have a look at some more words with hyper prefixes, for better understanding

  • hyper = ‘overexcited’
  • hyperactive = ‘overly’ active
  • hyperbole = ‘overly’ praising something
  • hypercritical = ‘overly’ critical
  • hypermedia = a combination of videos, images, sounds, text, etc. that are connected together on a website, which you can click on in order to use them or to go to other related videos, websites, etc.
  • hypermetropia = the condition of being long-sighted
  • hypersensitive = of feeling ‘overly’ emotional
  • hypertension = blood pressure that is considerably ‘over’ the normal
  • hypertext = a very large shop, usually outside the centre of town
  • hyperthermia = condition of having a body temperature that is ‘over’ the normal
  • hyperventilate = to breathe ‘over’ the normal rate

          Home Work :

          Try to guess the meanings of the following elements.
          1. -agog
          2. -cause
          3. -anni
          4. -cred
          a. year
          b. guide
          c. reason
          d. believe

          Try to match the above elements with given meanings.  Solve it on your own and

          That's all for today guys..... Thank you :)

          You can read Old Lessons of this series from here
          Shraboni Chakraborty
          Asstt. Professor
          English and Foreign Languages University,

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