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July 12, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 9th July 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 9th July 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the title to read the Editorial. 

Topic 1 : "Enayam. Three’s a crowd ?"

  • Obviously - in a way that is easy to understand or see / clearly
  • Viability - ability to work as intended (expected)
  • Envisaged - to imagine or expect something in the future, especially something good
  • Tans-shipment - shipment of goods or containers to an intermediate destination
  • Hub - the central or main part of something where there is most activity
  • Proximity - nearness in space, time
  • Proposed - to offer or suggest a possible plan or action for other people to consider
  • Equity - the value of the shares issued by a company
  • Breakwater - a  very large wall that is built from the coast out into the sea to protect a beach or harbour from big waves
  • Dredging - to remove unwanted things from the bottom of a river, lake, etc. using a boat or special device
  • Berth - a ship's allotted place near the edge of the sea
  • Projected - calculated based on the information you have
  • Feasibility - the possibility that can be made, done, or achieved, or is reasonable
  • Debatable - open to discussion or argument / not clear
  • Becalmed - if a ship with sails is becalmed, it cannot move because there is no wind
  • Cloudy - not transparent or clear
  • Vessel - a large boat or a ship
  • Strategic - a detailed plan for achieving success
  • Counting on something -  to be confident that you can depend on something
  • Rebound - recover in value, amount, or strength after a decrease or decline
  • Surge - a sudden powerful forward or upward movement
  • Fourfold - by four time
  • Hinges - depends
  • Hinterland -  the land behind the coast or the banks of a river, or an area of a country that is far away from cities
  • Acquisition - the process of getting something
  • World-class - one of the best that there are of that type in the world
  • Cargo - the goods carried by a ship, aircraft, or other large vehicle

Topic 2 : "And now there are two"

  • Hopeful - a person likely or hoping to succeed
  • Semblance - resemblance / similarity
  • Normalcy - the condition of being normal / the state of being usual or expected
  • Chaotic - in a state of complete confusion and disorder
  • Certainty - something that cannot be doubted
  • Turbulent - involving a lot of sudden changes, arguments, or violence
  • Fortnight - a period of two weeks
  • Sovereignty - the power of a country to control its own government
  • Brexiteers - supporters of Brexit (Britain's exit from the European Union)
  • Referendum - a vote in which all the people in a country or an area are asked to give their opinion about or decide an important political or social question
  • Reigned - to be the main feeling in a situation
  • Verdict - an opinion or decision made after judging the facts that are given
  • Brutal - cruel, violent, and completely without feelings
  • Betrayal - not being loyal to your country or a person, often by doing something harmful
  • Lacking - if something that you need is lacking, you do not have enough of it
  • Principal - main / first in order of importance
  • Contender - someone who competes with other people to try to win something
  • Staked - supported
  • Campaign - a planned group of especially political, business, or military activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim
  • Divisive - used to describe something that causes great and sometimes unfriendly disagreement within a group of people
  • Immigration - the act of someone coming to live in a different country
  • Sovereignty - supreme power or authority
  • Nemesis - someone's nemesis is a person or thing that is very difficult for them to defeat
  • Curated - to be in charge of selecting
  • Bid - an offer to do something when you are competing with other people to do it
  • Polarising - to cause something, especially something that contains different people or opinions, to divide into two completely opposing groups
  • Reckoning - the action or process of calculating or estimating something
  • Delicate - needing careful treatment, especially because easily damaged
  • To burn bridges - to destroy all possible ways of going back to past situation
  • Overwhelming - very great or very large
  • Reinvent - to produce something new that is based on something that already exists
  • Sizeable - large
  • Eurosceptic - a person, especially a politician, who opposes closer connections between Britain and the European Union
  • Foreground - to give the most importance to a particular subject, etc
  • Stint - a fixed or limited period of time spent doing a particular job or activity
  • Emphasised -  to show that something is very important or worth giving attention to
  • Credentials - documents that state the abilities and experience of a person and show that the person is qualified for a particular job or activity
  • Grass roots - the ordinary people in a society or an organization, especially a political party
  • Bruised - emotionally hurt as a result of a bad experience
  • Negotiating -  to have formal discussions with someone in order to reach an agreement with them
  • Empire - a very large and important business or organization
  • Pragmatism - the quality of dealing with a problem in a sensible way
  • Arduous - difficult, needing a lot of effort and energy

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