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June 15, 2016

Errors in the Construction of Sentences in English - Part 7

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Dear Friends, I am Bharghav. Here I am sharing my next post on the Errors in the Construction of Sentences.  You can read Part I from here , Part 2 from herePart 3 from here , Part 4 from here, Part 5 from here and Part 6 from here.  Happy Reading :)

  1. All these three cities are similar warm as Thailand.  (wrong)
    1. All three of these cities are as warm as Thailand.  (correct)
  2. What time of a day now in your country ?  (wrong)
    1. What is the time now in your country ?  (correct)
  3. He went to abroad to further his study.  (wrong)
    1. He went abroad to further his study.  (correct)
  4. Today, I'll wash my dog.  (wrong)
    1. I'll give my dog a bath today.  (correct)
  5. We have full off and half off on Sunday.  (wrong)
    1. We are given the option to work either full or half day on Sunday.  (correct)
  6. India is coming into rainy weather.  (wrong)
    1. India is in rainy season now.   (correct)
  7. I have visited Shimla Falls last weekend.  (wrong)
    1. I visited Shimla last weekend.  (correct)
  8. The man which works here is from France.  (wrong)
    1. The man who works here is from France.  (correct)
  9. She's married with a politician.  (wrong)
    1. She's married to a politician.  (correct)
  10. Every students like the teacher.  (wrong)
    1. Every student likes the teacher.    (correct)

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