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June 27, 2016

English Grammar for Competitive Exams in 60 Days - Lesson 3

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Friends, this is the 3rd Lesson of our English Grammar Lesson series for Competitive Exams (You can read Lesson 1 from here and the Lesson 2 from here). In today's lesson, we shall discuss about The Sentence and Kinds of Sentences.

The Sentence

When we speak or write we use words. We use these words in groups.
A group of words which makes complete sense is called a sentence.
E.g : 
  • The sun rises in the east.
  • Who is he ?
  • How beautiful the flower is!

Kind of Sentences

There are four kinds of Sentences in English. They are :
  1. Declarative or Assertive sentence. 
  2. Interrogative sentence. 
  3. Imperative sentence. 
  4. Exclamatory sentence. 

1. Assertive Sentence :

A sentence that makes a statement or assertion is called an Assertive or Declarative sentence.
E.g : The book is on the table. The sun rises in the east. 

2. Interrogative sentence :

A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative sentence.
E.g : Where is the book ? Who is he ?

3. Imperative sentence :

A sentence that expresses a command or a request is  called an Imperative sentence.
E.g : Be quiet. Come here. Please post this letter. Have mercy upon us.

4. Exclamatory sentence :

A sentence that expresses a strong feeling is called Exclamatory sentence.
E.g :  
  • How beautiful the flower is. 
  • Alas! She is no more. 

Exercise - 6

Say whether each of the following sentence is an Assertive, an Interrogative an Imperative or an Exclamatory sentence. 
  1. What a fine morning it was !
  2. May God bless you.
  3. Which subject do you like most ?
  4. Where are you going ?
  5. Shut the door. 
  6. Come when you like.
  7. Tell me what you think about this. 
  8. He has a good memory.
  9. What a fool he is !
  10. How generous of you to have helped him like that!
(Answers will be disclosed in next Lesson)

Affirmative and Negative Sentences 

1. Affirmative Sentence :
A sentence that makes an affirmation is called an affirmative sentence.
E.g : 
  • Rama is a good boy.
  • Why do you go there ?
2. Negative Sentence :
A sentence that makes a negation is called a Negative Sentence.
E.g : 
  • Rama is not a good boy.
  • Why don't you go there ?

Exercise - 7

Say whether each of the following sentences is an Affirmative sentence or Negative Sentence.
  1. I do not know what to do 
  2. Do you know his name ?
  3. The boy did not come to school yesterday ?
  4. This book is interesting
  5. I do not think he will come 
  6. Don't you remember him ?
  7. Can you guess what I want ?
  8. Do not talk like that 
  9. There is no book on the table 
  10. Always speak the truth
(Answers will be disclosed in next Lesson)

That's all for today friends. In our next Lesson, we shall discuss about
  • The Structure of a Simple Sentence
  • The Subject
  • The Predicate
  • The Object
  • The Complement
Happy Reading :)

Answers for Lesson 2

Answers to Exercise 2

  1. Like a born orator ----- Adverb phrase 
  2. In spite of his best efforts ----- Adverb phrase 
  3. By means of trickery ----- Adverb phrase 
  4. Like that ----- Adverb phrase 
  5. What to do ----- Noun phrase 
  6. How to solve this problem ----- Noun phrase 
  7. In the long run ----- Adverb phrase 
  8. Of the same feather ----- Adjective phrase 
  9. A man of means ----- Adjective phrase 
  10. How to play this game ----- Noun phrase 

Answers to Exercise 3

  1. Where I could find him - Noun Clause
  2. Where I could find him - Adjective Clause 
  3. Where I could find him - Adverb Clause 
  4. If you eat too much - Adverb Clause 
  5. Because I choose it - Adjective Clause 
  6. That I live in - Adjective Clause 
  7. Where he was born - Adjective Clause 
  8. How you are getting on - Noun Clause 
  9. That he would come - Noun Clause 
  10. Where we were to lodge that night - Noun Clause 

Answers to Exercise 4

  1. Phrase
  2. Phrase
  3. Phrase 
  4. Clause
  5. Clause 
  6. Phrase 
  7. Phrase 
  8. Clause 
  9. Clause 
  10. Clause 

Answers to Exercise 5

  1. He thought (Main Clause)
    • That it would be a fine day (Subordinate Clause)
  2. I don't know (Main Clause)
    • what he wants. (Subordinate Clause)
  3. I remember the house (Main Clause)
    • where I was born. (Subordinate Clause)
  4. They never fail (Main Clause)
    • who die in a great cause. (Subordinate Clause)
  5. You will pass (Main Clause)
    • if you work hard (Subordinate Clause)
  6. I forgive you (Main clause)
    • since you repent (Subordinate Clause)
  7. I shall remain (Main Clause)
    • where I am. (Subordinate Clause)
  8. When I was younger (Subordinate Clause)
    • I thought so (Main Clause)
  9. We shall wait here (Main Clause)
    • Until you come. (Subordinate Clause)
  10. If I make a promise (Subordinate Clause)
    • I shall keep it (Main Clause)
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