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June 25, 2016

Complete General/Financial Awareness Questions asked in today's SBI Clerks Main Exam 2016 (2nd Shift)

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  • 1st Asian nation to to launch mission to mars?
  • 1st state to launch open data portal?
  • A 3km under water tunnel was going to made in which state?
  • A scheme which was closed in 2011 and reintroduced in 2014.its name?
  • Amar Mahal is in which state?
  • ARCIL is a which type of company
  • Barabati Stadium Located in-
  • Bhagalpur district near which river?
  • Chinnar wildlife sanctury in which state?
  • Currency of Indonesia-NACH refers to-
  • Financial stability report presented by-
  • FINO pay partnered with which bank for payment bank?
  • Gurudongmar lake is in which state?
  • Highest Mountain in World-
  • Housing for all by 2022 scheme name?
  • IFSC is a11 digit code.In it first 4 digit relates to what?
  • In 2011 census highest sex ration in which state?
  • In DICGC ,G refers to-
  • In Railway Budget a fully 3rd A.c train announced,its name?
  • In small finance and payment bank ,domestic investors share is what percent?
  • Initial Capital of AIIB-
  • int. day observed on July 17-
  • Islamic development bank is going to open its 1st branch in which state?
  • Janani seva programme launched by which ministry?
  • Jawarhlal Nehru port in which state?
  • KISHOR maximum limit-
  • Lok nayak Jay Prakash narayan airport in-
  • Malbar Exercise is between india,usa and-
  • Nifty 50 relates to?
  • One qs relates to CDSL
  • Phnom Penh Capital of-
  • PMFBY scheme relates to-
  • PMJJBY annual premium?
  • PMLA act 2002 is for what?
  • Radha Mohan singh constituency purvi champaran is in which state?
  • SCORES is complaint redressal platform of which agency?
  • Scotia bank is the bank of which country?
  • SETU programme relates to whom?
  • Small finance banks are also called as?differentiated bank/niche bank/local area bank/universal bank
  • Small payment bank should invest its 75% govt security on ?
  • Sonia Lather relates to which sports?
  • Test of My Life book relates to?
  • ULIP is a insurance and invest related integrated product.In ULIP I refers to-?
  • United Bank Of India H.Q-
  • V.Narayanswamy CM of-
  • WHO H.Q-
  • World Environment day2016 theme?
  • Yangon stock exchange is in which country

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