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June 24, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 16

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    • Divide the clothes between all these children.   (wrong)
    • Divide the clothes among all these children.  (correct)
      • Explanation : 'Between' is used when only two parties are involved, 'among' when three or more parties are involved. 
    • They divided the property between themselves.   (wrong)
    • They divided the property among themselves. (correct)
      • Explanation : If 'themselves' means more than two 'among' will be used.  See (1)
    • We traveled on a train and he on  a plane.   (wrong)
    • We traveled by train and he by plane.  (correct)
      • Explanation : We travel by means of a conveyance, we use the preposition by. 
    • He likes to travel by horseback.   (wrong)
    • He likes to travel on horseback. (correct)
      • Explanation : As we ride on a horse, we travel on horseback, not by horseback. 
    • They went to school by foot.   (wrong)
    • They went to school on foot.  (correct)
      • Explanation : With foot we use the preposition 'on'. 
    • Don't you know how to ride in a bicycle ?  (wrong)
    • Don't you know how to ride a bicycle ? (correct)
      • Explanation : We ride a bicycle, not inside it. 
    • Traveling in air is generally safer.   (wrong)
    • Traveling by air is generally safer.  (correct)
      • Explanation : 'By air' means 'by an aeroplane' . See (3)
    • They suddenly got of the bus.   (wrong)
    • They suddenly got off the buss.  (correct)
      • Explanation : Off means 'moving away from' or 'down from' (the bus, etc.)
    • Early in bed, early to rise.   (wrong)
    • Early to bed, early to rise.  (correct)
      • Explanation : Before we are in bed, we go to bed. 
    • He was in office.   (wrong)
    • He was at office.  (correct)
      • Explanation : 'At office' is a fixed expression where office may refer to a noun, a set of rooms or a building where business is conducted. 
    • She went into their house.   (wrong)
    • She went to their house.  (correct)
      • Explanation : We go from a starting point to a destination (eg., a house)
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