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May 10, 2016

LIC AAO Interview Experience - Sunanda Ghosh

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Name : Sunanda Ghosh

Place : Kolkata

Interview Date : 10th May, 2016

Time : 11:50 AM

(3 members in panel)

  • You are?
  • You have come from?
  • What is the distance between your native place and Howrah station?
  • You have come with?
  • Why with father? Do you feel insecured?
  • If you are posted in a remote village in other state what will you do?
  • If native people do not know English or Hindi what will you do?
  • Your father is retired. Where did he work?
  • Do you think women in India are secured?
  • What can be done to this issue?
  • You are talking about dowry. But Govt. has already issued Anti Dowry act. Still people are involving in this. What you will do to this issue?
  • We spend lot of money in marriage for decoration, catering, ornaments. Do you think it is right?
  • How to tell people that money should not be wasted this way?
  • How we distinguish between rural area and urban area?
  • (And 2/3 more questions which I do not remember)

  • Tell me about current status of Indian economics.
  • Do you know budget? What is it?
  • It is valid for how much time period?
  • When Revenue and Expenditure does not match we call it? Who makes up this?
  • Do you think deficit budget is a new issue in India?
  • Our Central Govt. is of which kind?
  • Explain Indian Parliament system.
M3 :

  • Do you know RDBMS and ODBMS?
  • What is virtual reality? Explain it in technical term.
  • What is augmented reality?
  • What is encryption?
  • After decryption can the text be hacked?
  • Do you have any investment?
  • Suppose you are given Rs. 100000. Provided it is taxable. Where will you invest?
  • Other options of investing other than LIC and bank deposits?

M1 :

  • What is debenture?
  • What is Capital market?
  • What is IPO?
  • What is equity market and debt market?
  • What are options other than IPO to collect money from the market?
  • What is Primary market and what is Secondary market?
  • You have not mentioned your hobbies, extra-curricular activities. Why?
  • What is your hobby?
  • What do you paint?
  • What type of song do you listen? Why old songs and not modern songs? Favorite singer? Name some of her songs.
  • Do you know how Microwave functions? Was wave theory was in your B.Tech?
  • What is Digital Signature? How the receiver will decrypt?


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