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May 28, 2016

Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams - Set 3

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Dear friends, Here is the third set of Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams. You can read the Set 1 from here and the Set 2 from here. Happy Reading :)

Idioms related to Fall

  • My eyes fell on a beautiful rose (I saw)
  • The sales have fallen of (declined)
  • She and her husband are always falling out (quarreling)
  • The enemy fell back rapidly (retreated)
    • retreated meaning - withdraw from enemy forces after a defeat (of an army) 
  • We have no cool drinks; we will have to fall back on fruit juices (adjust to)
  • The roof of our house fell in yesterday (collapsed)
  • I lost my money and all my plans fell through (came to nothing)

Idioms related to Get

  • Although she is very old, she gets about a lot (travels)
  • The book is on a high shelf and I can't get at it (reach)
  • The thieves got away through the window (escaped)
  • I've got behind with my work again (become late)
  • The train gets in at midnight (arrives)
  • Don't get off the bus till it stops (to get out of a vehicle)
  • He was accused of murder, but he got off (was acquitted)
  • I don't know exactly how old she is, but I know she's getting on (advancing in age)
  • It's getting on for four o'clock now (approaching)
  • He can't get over the shock (recover from)
  • Can't you get round your father to give you the money ? (persuade
    • persuade meaning - to make someone do something by convincing them
  • I tried to telephone you but couldn't get through (get connected)
  • He got through his examination (passed)
  • I can't get through all this work (finish)
  • We want to get up a party this weekend (organize)

Idioms related to Give

  • Don't give away any secrets (betray)
  • The bride's father gave her away (presented her ceremonially to the bridegroom)
  • The enemy tortured him, but he would not give in (surrender)
  • Our supply of petrol has given out (finished)
  • I have given up smoking (stopped)
  • She overworked and her health gave way (collapsed)
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