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April 14, 2016

Vocabulary from Indian Express dated 13 April 2016

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Hello Friends,
Pratik Ankar here. I am sharing vocabulary from Indian Express Editorial dated 13/04/2016.
Happy Reading.

“Who Needs Public Banks” Section

Leverage (Noun) – Strategic advantage, power to act effectively.  उत्तोलन की शक्ति.
Ex: He stresses the importance of getting out of one’s stance quickly while maintaining good balance and leverage.

Amidst (Preposition) – Chiefly literary. बीच  में.
Ex:  These seem to have been sidelined amidst all the hoopla surrounding the right issue.

Glacially (Adverb) – Extremely slow. बहुत धीमा.
Ex: The Head was glacially political but clearly annoyed.

Woefully (Adverb) – In a manner expressing sorrow or misery. उदासी से, शोकाकुल ढंग से.
Ex: He walked woefully up the stairs that led into the ship.

Purportedly (Adverb) – As appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so. कथित रूप से, आशय से.
Ex: The woman found a letter purportedly signed by the Prime Minister.

Exhort (Verb) – Strongly encourage or urge someone to do something. प्रेरित करना, प्रोत्साहित करना.
Ex: I exhorted her to be a good child.

The elephant in the room (Phrase) – A major problem or controversial issue which is obviously present but is avoided as a subject of discussion.
एक प्रमुख समस्या या विवादास्पद मुद्दा जो स्पष्ट रूप से मौजूद है लेकिन चर्चा के लिए एक विषय के रूप में बचा है.
Ex: But the Iraq issue was the elephant in the room, the issue that the two leaders could not ignore.

Garner (Verb) – Gather or collect. संग्रह करना.
Ex:  The idea of informers and agents is to garner information to save lives.

Rampant (Adjective) – Spreading unchecked. तेजी से फैलने वाला.
Ex. Online rumors and misinformation are rampant and can spread like wildfire.

Swathe (Noun/Verb) – A broad strip or area of something / Wrap in several layer of fabric.
चौड़ी पट्टी / लपेटना
Ex: In contrast, only modest efforts are now underway in the industry as a whole to integrated broad swathes of the enterprise/
It was as if the models were swathed in giant fabric sample books, each layer peeling off to reveal another beneath.

Ambit (Noun) – The scope extent or bounds of something. क्षेत्र, विस्तार.
Ex: This was granted two years ago on condition that the centre runs its programs within the ambit of the law.

Behemoth (Noun) – A huge or monstrous creature. विशालकाय पशु.
Ex: Horse are huge, haunch heavy behemoths, built for speed and damn near poetry in motion.

Tweak (Verb) – Twist or pull sharply. मरोड़ना.
Ex: When another had objected he had tweaked the boy’s nose.

Arduous (Adjective) – Involving or requiring strenuous effort, difficult and tiring. कठिन.

Entrenched (Adjective) – Firmly established and difficult to change (Specially habit, attitude, or belief).

“The strategic imperative” Section

Jugular (Adjective) -  Of the neck or throat. गर्दन का / कंठ का.
Ex: Right jugular venous distension was less than 4 cm above the stemal angle.

Catapult (Verb) – Hurl or launch something with. फेंक देना.
Ex: One car even catapulted a telegraph pole into her house in the latest collision.

Littoral (Adjective) – Relating to situated on the shore of the sea or lake. किनारे का, तटीय.
Ex: However, the measurable distance from the sea bed to the sea surface is limited to around 50 meters, so the sensors cannot function in the open ocean, only in littoral areas.

“Keep Talking” Section

Dissonance (Noun) – Lack of agreement or harmony among people or things. असंगति, विभिन्नता.
Ex: Does the dissonance between politicians and voters matter?

Stem (Verb) – Originate or caused by. उत्पन्न होना, पैदा होना.
Ex: It is original stem from 1898, when a Major Davidson of the US army bolted a machine gun to a 3 cylinder car.

Replenish (Verb) – Fill something up again. देना, भरना, पूरा करना.
Ex: Recharge is the amount of water from precipitation that replenishes groundwater in storage.

Deplete (Verb) – Diminish in number of quantity. समाप्त करना, खाली करना.
Ex: Municipal representatives said bread supplies were depleting.

Rejig (Verb) – Organize something differently, rearrange. परिवर्तन.
Ex:  It just meant a little inconvenience and rejigging a production line.

“Prince Size” Section

Scrumptiously (Adverb) – Very attractive. तेजस्वी, शानदार.
Ex: And, of course, there is Carol Vorderman who doesn't look bad from any angle, but lying on a sofa in a tight Donna Karan outfit and spiked boots she is positively scrumptious.

Itinerary (Noun) – A planned route or journey, a travel document. मार्ग, भ्रमंकारियों के लिए पथदर्शक पुस्तक.
Ex: In reality, I am safe and sound and I do not intend to change my travel itinerary.

Please correct me if I got wrong somewhere.

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