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April 08, 2016

Suggestions for IBPS Clerk 5 Selected Candidates

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First of all congratulations to all of the clerks who have succeeded.. with in 3years or so u can become a PO. LET me give some suggestions from my side to u..

  1. Whether u like it or not, join the  union of ur bank.. it costs near to 100rs per month
  2. Our working hours are fixed 10 to 5.. or 10.30 to 5.30.. but as u are new.. manager may make u sit for an hour extra.. or even more
  3. If u have been posted in a single clerk branch then it will easily  become 6.30 for sure
  4. Be strictly professional in work.. if u are given the cash duty.. after tallying call the cash officer and ask him to check in your presence
  5. Never make the habit of sitting late..  do ur work as fast as u can
  6. Try to learn loans and advances as they help u to stand out in the po crowd in promotion
  7. Never do any transaction in any customers account without his her signature
  8. Never engage personal relation with customers..  especially for gentlemen.. i am saying..  
  9. Get a good impression  from ur manager and colleagues
  10. Be careful with the fake notes and keep a eye on the customer whom u feel are bad
last but not least try to learn as much as u can..

Dheeraz Shanmukh

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