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April 05, 2016

Success Story : Tons of hard work + Grams of luck = Bank Po

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Name - Naga Raju Kalidindi

Bank - Vijaya Bank

Post - Probationary Officer

First I thank to my family and my friends who supported me when i am in job crisis.

My attempts:-

  • In 2013
    • Postal assistant- Written cleared (failed in skill test)
    • IBPS CLK3- Written cleared(failed in interview)
    • IBPS PO3- Failed in written(by 1 mark)
    • IBPS RRB CLK2- In written 124 marks(didn't get interview call)
    • IBPS RRB PO2- Failed in English sectional(by 1 mark)
  • In 2014
    • Postal Assistant- Failed in written(by 2 marks)
    • SBI CLK-Written cleared (failed in interview)
    • RRB assistant locopilot- written cleared but disqualified(i have colour blindness)
    • SBI PO- Failed in descriptive
    • IBPS PO4- Totally failed
    • IBPS CLK4- Totally failed
    • IBPS RRB PO3- Totally failed
    • IBPS RRB CLK3- I got 157 marks (didn't get interview call)
  • In 2015-16
    • Post man- i got 81 marks cutoff:81 but i lost (who got job he is older than me)
    • Axis bank- written cleared(failed in interview)
    • Aryapuram cooperative bank- Failed in interview(on basis RRBCLK3 marks 157)
    • SBI PO- Failed in descriptive
    • IDBI Manipal PO- I failed in written(by 0.5 marks)
    • IBPS RRB CLK4- Failed in written(by 3 marks)
    • IBPS RRB PO4- Totally failed
    • IBPS CLK5-Selected as syndicate bank CLK
    • IBPS PO5- Finally i reached my target (Vijaya bank PO)

I am from  Andhra Pradesh (Gudivada) from my childhood  I am an average student in my 10th I got 84% ,12th 86% and in 56%(ECE). Actually I am not interested about science subjects at that time of I didn't know what are my interests I just followed my parents instructions. After my I didn't compromise in my career objective I told to my parents I am interested about banking sector they also supported me. From 2013 I am preparing bank exams at SSGRBCC (Nandyal) they helped me alot in my preparation.

I specially thanks to GR8AMBITIONZ for monthly quick reviews, oneliners and daily GK updates. I am very strong in general awareness because of GR8AMBITIONZ.

"Failed in an examination is not a failure, but compromise in your career is a real failure"
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