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April 05, 2016

Success Story of Prasanta Das

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Name : Prasanta Das

State : Assam

Hi friends , after reading so many success stories , I felt that I should also share mine . I did my MCA in 2014 & got selected in wipro , there is a twist in the tail. After 3 months they said … look u guys don’t have throughout so we can’t   conform ur job, as me along with 3 of my friends, we all selected as developer & tester, now they are saying you can join our BPO, at that moment I exactly understand… why ppl always say that doesn’t matter how much u earn, a govt. job is the one which provides you security. So basically we all refused their offer and they kicked us out…I was heartbroken but…what to do… was really hard for me to go home and start afresh, but it was my family and friends who have always been backed me till now…

So my journey starts with IBPS po 4…..missd by 1 marks….. IBPS Clrak 4…missed by 1 marks in math….IBPS IT officer …missed by again 1 marks over all…….guys I can’t tell u ..How its fell …when u fail in such a major xam like IBPS jut by one mark……. One of my relatives said..” TERI SARE-SATI CHAL RAHI HAI BETA…..TU SHANI PUJA KAR”….since then my performance decline into hell…. I didn’t have any idea wat to do …..Doesn’t matter what ever I do…result it pre-defined that is FAIL…..

Then comes an angle in my life …he was my friend though from PG. He helped me to get out of my failures  & made me believe that I can. We both write SBI Po together …he got selected ..& I was faul By 2 marks in mains…again in math…..& he said “ BHAI JISDIN TERA MATH NIKAL JAYEGA NA..TUJEY KOI NAHI ROK SAKTA..”… and we had a deal too… “ SBI TERA to…IBPS MERA “…. & I stared preparing again….& after so many failures…..finally
Got selecterd in IBPS RRB OA,OS….

So guys don’t let your  failure discourage you….coz you never know how close you are. And yes success don’t come alone….. its always comes with (heard work+ perseverance + patience )= SUCCESS….!! …and ha…don’t forget those   ppl who stood behind you in your bad days..!!          

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