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April 19, 2016

Karnataka Bank Scale I Officer Interview experience

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Hi Friends, I am Ramesh. I have attended Karnataka Bank Scale I officer interview on 16th April at 8:30 am.

If anybody thinking to attend interview on 22 and 23 April no need to be worried too much. Here is the detail what happened in the interview.
Interview is of 5-minutes for inexperienced candidates and 5-7 minutes for experienced (already employee of some organization).

1) Professional :-

They will ask you few questions on your profession. For example I have completed MCA so

they asked questions like What is cloud computing and its Advantages, Name the Operating Systems you know, What are the Freewares.

2) Banking :-

Interviewers asked only one question on banking i.e tell me about MUDRA CARD.

3) Qualities :-

Are you a good team player.

Explain what is leadership qualities with example.

4) Experienced candidates :-

Questions regarding previous job, your responsibility in bank and about your bank.

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