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April 22, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 20th April 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated April 20th 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the Topic Titles to read the Editorials 

Topic 1 : "Of populism and prohibition"

  • Populism - ​political ​ideas and ​activities that are ​intended to get the ​support of ​ordinary ​people by giving them what they ​want
  • Prohibition - the ​act of ​officially not ​allowing something
  • Embarked - to begin an action
  • Gradually - slowly over a ​long ​period of ​time
  • Initiated - to ​cause something to ​begin
  • Brew - to make ​beer
  • Panic - sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety
  • Grips - have a strong or serious effect on something
  • Unanimous - fully in agreement
  • Resolution - an ​official ​decision that is made
  • Countered - to ​react to something with an ​opposing ​opinion or ​action
  • Pledge - a ​serious or ​formal ​promise
  • Affirming - to ​publicly show ​your ​support for an ​opinion or ​idea
  • Grappled - to ​fight (especially in ​order to ​win something)
  • Consequence - a result or effect
  • Indebtedness - owing ​money to someone
  • Domestic violence - the ​situation in which someone you ​live with (husband / wife / father) ​attacks you and ​tries to ​hurt you
  • Vestige - a ​small ​part or ​amount of something ​larger
  • Regime - a system or ordered way of doing things
  • Abandoned - left
  • Spate - a ​larger ​number of ​events than ​usual, ​especially ​unpleasant ​ones, ​happening at about the same ​time
  • Sustain - to ​cause or ​allow something to ​continue for a ​period of ​time
  • Creep - to ​move ​slowly, ​quietly, and ​carefully in ​order to ​avoid being ​noticed
  • Nanny state - a ​government that ​tries to give too much ​advice or make too many ​laws about how ​people should ​live ​their ​lives, ​especially about ​eating, ​smoking, or ​drinking ​alcohol
  • Overhang - to have a ​negative ​effect on a ​situation
  • Inhibits - prevents
  • Shedding - getting rid of something / leaving
  • Hypocrisy - a ​situation in which someone ​pretends to ​believe something that they do not really ​believe
  • Advocacy - public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy
  • Pragmatic - ​solving ​problems in a ​sensible way that ​suits the ​conditions that really ​exist now, ​rather than ​obeying ​fixed ​theories, ​ideas, or ​rules
  • Consumption - the ​act of using, ​eating, or ​drinking something
  • Disastrous - causing great damage
  • Consequences - results / effects
  • Bootlegging - making / selling something illegally
  • Spurious - fake
  • Complicit - involved with others in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong
  • Deprives - prevents from having or using something
  • For instance - for example
  • Excise - a ​tax made by a ​government on some ​types of ​goods ​produced and used within ​their own ​country
  • Splurge - an act of spending money freely
  • Pioneering - involving new ideas or methods
  • Virtuous - having good ​moral ​qualities and ​behaviour

Topic 2 : "Deepening crisis in Brazil"

  • Crisis - a time of great difficulty or danger
  • Impeachment - the process of saying that a ​public ​official is ​guilty of a ​serious ​crime in ​connection with ​their ​job
  • Proceedings - a ​series of ​events that ​happen in a ​planned and ​controlled way
  • Inflicting - causing to be suffered by someone or something
  • Embattled -  involved in or prepared for war
  • Eroded - slowly destroyed
  • Scandal - an action which is morally or legally wrong and causes public shock
  • Implicated - to show someone was involved in a crime
  • Backfired - to have the ​opposite ​result from the one you planned / expected
  • Allies - supporters
  • Rivals - opponents
  • Polarise - to ​divide something into two ​completely ​opposing ​groups
  • Engulfed - to powerfully affect (someone)
  • Consecutive - continuous
  • Stalled - stopped making progress
  • Recession - a ​period when the ​economy of a ​country is not ​successful and ​conditions for ​business are ​bad
  • Slash - to cut / reduce something
  • Rein - to control
  • Alienated - to ​cause someone or a ​group of ​people to ​stop ​supporting and ​agreeing with you
  • Interminable - continuing for too ​long (endless)
  • Manipulated - handled or controlled something in a skilful manner
  • Ironically - in a way that is different or ​opposite from the ​result you would ​expect
  • Vital - extremely ​important / essential
  • Fudging - to ​adjust / change something to get required results
  • Machiavellian - cunning
  • Coup - a ​sudden ​illegal, often ​violent, taking of ​government ​power

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