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April 20, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 16th April 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated April 16th 2016. Happy reading :) 

Topic 1 : "Oceanic opportunities"

  • Oceanic - relating to the ocean
  • Region - a ​particular ​area
  • Seafaring - ​connected with ​travelling by ​sea
  • Baffling - impossible to understand
  • Inward-looking - not interested in or taking account of other people or groups.
  • Maritime - connected with ​human ​activity at ​sea
  • Summit - an ​important ​formal ​meeting between ​leaders of ​governments
  • Agenda - a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting
  • Ambitious - having or showing a strong desire to succeed
  • Infrastructure - the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise
  • Hinterland - the ​land behind the ​coast or the ​banks of a ​river
  • Ad hoc - created or done for a particular purpose as necessary
  • Reap - gather
  • Untapped - not ​yet used or taken ​advantage of something
  • Emphasis - special importance / value given to something
  • Integrate - combine
  • Warehouse - a ​large ​building for ​storing things
  • Logistics - the ​careful ​organization of a ​complicated ​activity so that it ​happens in a ​successful and ​effective way
  • Overtures - a ​communication made to someone in ​order to ​offer something
  • Firm up something - to make something more ​certain or less ​likely to ​change
  • Fleet - a group of ships sailing together
  • Littoral - the ​part of a ​river, ​lake, or ​sea ​close to the ​land
  • Pivotal - central and ​important
  • Piracy - the practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea
  • Multilateral - involving more than two ​groups or ​countries
  • Humanitarian - ​connected with ​improving people's ​lives and ​reducing ​suffering
  • Foray - a sudden attack into enemy territory, especially to obtain something (raid)
  • Converging - to become ​similar
  • Reaffirmed - state again strongly (to confirm something)
  • Posturing - ​behaviour or ​speech that is ​intended to ​attract ​attention and ​interest

Topic 2 : "The power of symbolism"

  • Citing - to mention something (refer to)
  • Acute - a bad situation, which causes ​severe ​problems or ​damage
  • Evicted - to ​force someone to ​leave ​somewhere
  • Instance - example
  • Arbitrary - based on random choice, rather than any reason or system
  • Intervention - interference
  • Insignificant - too small or unimportant to be worth consideration
  • Overreach - reach out too far
  • Tangible - ​real and not ​imaginary
  • Drought - a ​long ​period when there is little or no ​rain
  • Gross - very rude
  • Inequity - something that is not ​fair in a ​situation
  • Prevail - prove more powerful or superior
  • Synonymous - having the same meaning as another
  • Exceptionalism - the belief that something is much ​greater than ​usual (​especially in ​skill, ​intelligence, ​quality, etc)
  • Counsel - formal advice
  • Scarcity - shortage of something
  • Riot - a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd
  • Paradigm - a pattern or model
  • Conserves - protect something
  • Deficient - not having enough of something
  • Splurging - to ​spend a lot of ​money on something
  • Alarmingly - causing ​worry or ​fear
  • Over-exploited - over use of something
  • Irrigate - supply water to (land or crops) to help growth
  • Acreage - an area of land, used for agricultural purposes
  • Recalibration - to make ​small ​changes to something so that it ​works ​accurately
  • Regime - a system or ordered way of doing things
  • Nudge - to ​push something or someone ​gently
  • Livelihood - (the way someone ​earns) the ​money ​people need to ​pay for ​food, a ​place to ​live, ​clothing, etc

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