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April 03, 2016

Success Story of Allahabad Bank PO

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Hi All,
    This is Aditi Tiwari..I am an ardent follower of Gr8ambitionz. I would like to share my success story..which was full of ups and downs.

I have completed my B.Tech in CSE branch in 2013...During my second year of Engg..I met a guy ..he was my senior,very good luking....very good at studies..A perfect guy any girl could dream  for....Surprisingly..we two were from same caste..We two started dating...In my last year of college I got placed in HCL...and that guy went for M.Tech from BHU...but he always  used to support me for taking a good govt job...his wordings were" If one end would be stable ..other could take risks" ...I wasn't that much interested in going to govt job..Then In HCL my shifts started fluctuating  which gave me one major reason to quit my job and then i started preparing for banks.

Meanwhlile, I joined one of the ICSE board schools as a Maths teacher.For continuous one year I just got the essence of only Failure...On March 20,2015...I got the biggest shock of my lifetime ....I lost my mother ...She passed away due to major Heart Attack during her sleep..She was my backbone....More than mother - daughter ...We were like bestest frns...I used to share and seek her advice on every issues of my life  whether its about my relationship or anything...She loved me like anything...n that very day I lost the strongest pillar of my life..I started hating GOD ...for taking away my mum for no reasons.

I was all alone from inside....Even my relationship with my frn started taking a bad form..He used to tell me why should I marry you??You are not an independent girl..You will be like a liability to someone..That very day I gathered up all my strength & just thinking about mum that one day I have to make her feel proud , I started my preparation in full fledged as to leave no stone unturned...

On 1st April,2016..I showed to everyone that my efforts didn't gone in vain...I made my mother proud & told my male frn that don't challenge my abilities..So.I would like to tell everyone that..if I could make it under such unavoidable circumstances then u all can...and never doubt your abilities at all

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