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March 19, 2016

ESIC Online Exam Reviews and Questions

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Review Shared by Siddharth Dev from Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh

English was moderate.Rest all sections were easy.
I attempted
49 Reasoning
46 English
41 Quant
31 GS

GS got  a mixture of questions including Current Affairs, History,Books and Authors etc.

Reasoning included verbal and non-verbal.

English was moderate with comprehension and Cloze 10 questions each...some from find errors..rearrangement etc.

Quant was also easy with DI ques very easy..some questions needed simple mathematics.

Overall paper was nice.
Hope to clear it.
All The Best to others .

ESIC 19/3/16 1st Shift questions shared by ATHENA
1.'Jaihind' slogan written by

2. author of das kapital

3.CM of Bihar

4.Who founded Chola dynasty

5.1st citizen of India

6.Mohiniyattom is the danceform of which state?

7.Which award is given ny Accademy of motion pictures?

8.which is the lrgest commercial bnk in India?

9.'Bhagyanagar is the old name of which city?

10.Founder of INC

11.Who does the audit lik  fuctions of central govt??

12.Who provides security to shares or smthng...(dnt rember correctly)

13.who wrote 'Sare jaham se acha'??

14.Bharat ratna started on??

15.first female recipient of Bharat ratna??

16.Highest honour in military?

17.Captain of Indian national criket team?

18.Minimum age to become loksabha member?

19.On which year exim bank started?

20.quit India slogan by Gandhiji?

21.Capital of Nagaland?

22. Bhakranangal project is in?

23.Tajmahal in which river bank??

Hope this helps...

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