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March 09, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 8th March 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 8th March 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Staking claim to Twenty20 supremacy"

  • Stake a claim - if you stake a ​claim to something, you say or show that you have a ​right to it and that it should ​belong to you
  • Supremacy - the ​leading or ​controlling ​position
  • Triumph - a great victory or achievement
  • Outfit - team
  • Evidence - one or more ​reasons for ​believing that something is ​true / not true
  • Subcontinent - a ​large ​area of ​land that is ​part of a ​continent, often referring to ​South ​Asia
  • Merely - just / only
  • Dominance - power and influence over others
  • Have designs on something - aim to obtain / achieve something
  • Threatened - to ​tell someone that you will ​cause ​problems if they do not do what you ​want
  • Coup - an ​unexpectedly ​successful ​achievement
  • Adept - very skilled or proficient at something
  • Disruptive - causing ​trouble and ​therefore ​stopping something from ​continuing as ​usual
  • Firepower - effective power or force
  • Nerveless - confident
  • Deployed - move into position for some action
  • Certainty - something that cannot be ​doubted
  • Far off - a ​great ​distance away
  • Overwhelming - very great in amount
  • Vulnerability - the condition in which you will be ​easily ​physically, ​emotionally, or ​mentally ​hurt or ​attacked
  • Heart warming - emotionally rewarding
  • Eye-catching - very ​attractive or ​noticeable
  • Perdition - a ​state of ​punishment that goes on for ​ever
  • Sheer - completely / nothing other than
  • Spectacle - an ​unusual or ​unexpected ​event or ​situation that ​attracts ​attention
  • Unlikely - not ​probable or ​likely to ​happen
  • Encore - a repeated or additional performance at the end
  • Remote - small in amount / very less
  • From within - by the ​people who ​belong to an ​organization / team and not by ​people from ​outside it
  • Complacency - a ​feeling of ​calm ​satisfaction with ​your own ​abilities or ​situation that ​prevents you from ​trying ​harder
  • Unravel - make something known or understood
  • Adept - having a ​natural ​ability to do something that ​needs ​skill
  • Moreover - also and more ​importantly

Topic 2 : "Time to deliver on Women’s Bill"

  • Clockwork - very ​regularly, or at ​exactly the ​planned ​times
  • Precision - the quality or condition of being exact and accurate
  • Duly - in accordance with what is required or appropriate
  • Floated - to ​suggest a ​plan or an ​idea to be ​considered
  • Reviving - restore to life or consciousness
  • Legislature - the ​group of ​people in a ​country who have the ​power to make and ​change ​laws
  • Pilot - test a scheme before introducing it more widely
  • Amid - surrounded by
  • Obstructive - trying to ​stop someone from doing something by ​causing ​problems for them
  • Theatrics - behaviour that is ​intended to get ​attention (acting)
  • Thereafter - after that time
  • Mopping up - the ​activity of ​dealing with a ​small ​number of ​people, ​problems, etc. that ​remain after most of them have been ​defeated or ​solved
  • Aisle - a ​long, ​narrow ​space between ​rows of ​seats
  • Polarised - to ​divide people into two ​completely ​opposing ​groups
  • Affirm - to ​publicly show ​your ​support for an ​opinion or ​idea
  • Fidelity - honest support
  • Stumbling block - something that ​prevents ​action or ​agreement
  • Patriarchal - ruled or ​controlled by men
  • Tremendous - very ​great in ​amount or ​level, or ​extremely good
  • Manhandling - to ​touch or ​hold someone ​roughly and with ​force
  • Name-calling - using abusive language (insulting)
  • Posturing - behaviour
  • Regardless - despite (not being ​affected by something)
  • Uniformly - in same manner (not ​changing or different in any way)
  • Chauvinistic- believing that women are ​naturally less ​important, ​intelligent, or ​able than men
  • Diced - to do something ​extremely ​dangerous and ​silly
  • Rationalised - to ​try to ​find ​reasons to ​explain ​your ​behaviour, ​decisions, etc
  • Caution - great ​care and ​attention
  • Appropriated  - to make something suitable or fitting for a particular purpose
  • Proxy - a person authorized to act on behalf of another (representative)
  • Prejudice - an ​unfair and ​unreasonable ​opinion or ​feeling
  • Fray - fight
  • Impact - influence
  • Envisioned - imagine as a future possibility (visualized)
  • Mandatory - compulsory
  • Empowering - give someone the authority or power to do something
  • Testimony - evidence / proof of something
  • Affirmative - supportive
  • Usher - show or guide (someone) somewhere

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