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March 08, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 7th March 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 7th March 2016. Happy Reading :)

Note : There were No Editorials in The Hindu on 6th March 2016

Topic 1 : "Review the fiscal consolidation path"

  • Consolidation - to ​combine several things, ​especially ​businesses, so that they ​become more ​effective
  • Significantly - in a way that is ​easy to ​see or by a ​large ​amount
  • Watered down - altered to make something weaker (made less ​extreme than the original)
  • To face a rocky road - to experience a ​difficult ​period and have a lot of ​problems
  • Enactment - the process of passing legislation
  • Deficit - the ​total ​amount by which ​money ​spent is more than ​money ​received
  • Crisis - a time of intense difficulty or danger
  • Envisaged - to ​imagine or ​expect something in the ​future
  • Consolidation - to ​combine several things, so that they ​become more ​effective
  • Divergence - the ​situation in which two things ​become different
  • Emphasis - special importance, value given to something
  • Nub - the most ​important or ​basic ​part of something
  • Elbow room - adequate space to move or work in (freedom to do what you ​want)
  • Momentum - the ​force that ​keeps an ​event ​developing after it has ​started
  • Fuelling - helping to develop something
  • Curtail - to ​stop something before it is ​finished / to ​reduce or ​limit something
  • Vital - absolutely necessary / essential
  • Amend - make minor changes to something in order to improve it
  • Context - the ​situation within which something ​exists or ​happens
  • Germane - relevant
  • Instance - example
  • Volatile - ​likely to ​change ​suddenly and ​unexpectedly
  • Uncertainty - a ​situation in which something is not ​known
  • Tepid - not ​enthusiastic
  • Contraction - the process of becoming smaller
  • Aligned - arranged
  • Exploring - inquire into something / discuss in detail
  • Jettison - to ​decide not to use an ​idea or ​plan
  • Compatriot - a ​friend or someone you ​work with
  • Unveiled - to show something for the first time
  • Deficit - the ​total ​amount by which ​money ​spent is more than ​money ​received
  • Imaginatively - cleverly / creatively
  • Stimulus - something that ​causes ​growth or ​activity
  • Asset - property

Topic 2 : "Don’t let down the children"

  • Remedy - a ​successful way of ​curing an ​illness or ​dealing with a ​problem or ​difficulty
  • Flagship - the ​best or most ​important ​product / idea that an ​organization ​owns or ​produces
  • Nutrition - the process of providing the food necessary for health and growth
  • Integrate - to ​combine two or more things in ​order to ​become more ​effective
  • Expenditure - the ​total ​amount of ​money that a ​government or ​person ​spends
  • Outlay - an amount of money spent on something
  • Supplementary - extra
  • Crucial - important
  • Defy - openly refuse to obey  a ​person, ​decision, ​law, ​situation, etc
  • The Wherewithal - the ​money ​necessary for a ​particular ​purpose
  • Substantial - large in size / importance
  • Ensuring - to make sure that something will happen
  • Provision - the action of providing or supplying something for use
  • Oversight - a ​mistake made because of a ​failure to ​notice something
  • Stunted - prevent from growing or developing properly
  • Underweight - below a weight considered normal or desirable
  • Empirical - based on what is ​experienced or ​seen ​rather than on ​theory
  • Prompt - to make something ​happen
  • Enhance - improve / increase
  • Scholar - a specialist in a particular branch of study
  • Tendency - an attitude, habit, or situation that is starting to develop in a particular way
  • Adequate - satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity
  • Bias - very ​unusual or ​easily ​noticed (attracting a lot of ​attention)
  • Incumbent - to be ​necessary for someone
  • Wholesome - something which is good for your health
  • Amends - to do something good to show that you are ​sorry about something you have done
  • Heighten - make (something) higher
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