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March 01, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 29th February 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 29th  February 2016. Happy Reading :)

Note : There were No Editorials in The Hindu on 28th February 2016.

Topic 1 : "Reworking the Supreme Court’s role"

  • Routine - a ​usual or ​fixed way of doing things
  • Willingness - readiness (being prepared to do something)
  • Grapple - to ​fight (especially in ​order to ​win something)
  • Apex - the top or highest organization
  • Burdened - something ​difficult or ​unpleasant that you have to ​deal with
  • Examining - to ​look at or ​consider a ​person or thing ​carefully and in ​detail in ​order to ​discover something about them
  • Devote its time - to give all of its time
  • Underlying - used to ​describe something on which something ​else is ​based
  • Accumulating - gather together or acquire
  • Backlog - a ​large ​number of things that you should have done before and must do now
  • Interpretation - the action of explaining the meaning of something
  • Concern - to ​become ​involved with something
  • Oft-cited - often refer to
  • Litigant - a person involved in a lawsuit
  • Put forward - to ​state an ​idea or ​opinion, or to ​suggest a ​plan
  • Adjudication - a formal judgement on a case
  • Amendment - a ​change to a ​law that is not ​yet in ​operation and is still being ​discussed
  • Impermissible - not permitted or allowed
  • Disfavour - disapproval or dislike.
  • Last resort - a final action, used only when all else has failed
  • Inferior - lower in rank
  • Virtually - almost
  • Undermine -  to make something less ​powerful / effective

Topic 2 : "For a green economy that is also just"

  • Intense -  extreme and forceful or (of a feeling) very strong
  • Scrutiny - careful examination, inspection
  • Aggressive - determined to win or succeed and using forceful action to win or to achieve success
  • Intent - giving all your attention to something
  • Envision - to imagine or expect that something is a likely or desirable possibility in the future
  • Domestic - existing or occurring inside a particular country
  • Inconsistent - not staying the same in behaviour or quality (Changing)
  • Accord - (a formal) agreement
  • Facilitate - to make something possible or easier
  • Sustainable - able to be maintained at a certain rate or level
  • Subsidised - to pay part of the cost of something
  • Commercial - making or intended to make a profit
  • Midst -  in the middle of an event, situation, or activity
  • Significant -  important or noticeable
  • Hailing - to call someone in order to attract their attention
  • Potential - ability to develop, achieve, or succeed
  • Ambitious -  having a strong wish to be successful, powerful
  • Compelled - force to do something
  • Appellate -  involving an attempt to get a legal decision changed
  • Wider - including  number of people (great)
  • Debate - serious discussion of a subject in which many people take part
  • Initiative - a new plan or process to achieve something or solve a problem
  • Relevance -  connected with what is happening or being discussed
  • Implications - the effect that an action or decision will have on something else in the future
  • Prism - a transparent glass or plastic object that separates white light that passes through it into different colours
  • Imprudent - unwise
  • Conceive -  to imagine something
  • Framework - a system of rules, ideas, or beliefs that is used to plan or decide something
  • Endeavour - try hard to do or achieve something
  • Exclusive - limited to only one person or group of people
  • Tandem - having two things arranged one in front of the other
  • Provision - the act of providing something
  • Onus - the responsibility or duty to do something
  • Realise - to understand a situation, sometimes suddenly

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