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March 22, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 18th March 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 18th March 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Be bold in revisiting the sedition law"

  • Revisiting - considering a situation or problem again or from a different point of view
  • Sedition - ​language or ​behaviour that is ​intended to ​convince other ​people to ​oppose ​their ​government
  • Reconsideration - review / the act of considering something again
  • Indication - a ​sign that something is ​true
  • Fallout - the ​unpleasant ​results or ​effects of an ​action
  • Chastening effect  - the effect which makes someone ​understand that they have ​failed or done something ​wrong
  • Invoking - to make someone have a ​particular ​feeling or ​remember something
  • Draconian - extremely harsh and painful
  • Overreach - to ​fail by ​trying to do more than you can ​manage
  • Luminaries - a person who inspires or influences others
  • Ingredient - one of the ​parts of something ​successful
  • Imminent - about to happen
  • Relevant - connected with what is ​happening or being ​discussed
  • Statute book - a book in which laws are written
  • Convened - to ​bring together a ​group of ​people for a ​meeting
  • Pointed - expressing criticism in a direct way
  • Defending - to ​protect someone or something against ​attack or ​criticism
  • Climbdown - an ​occasion when you ​change ​your ​opinion or ​admit that you were ​wrong
  • Repealing - if a ​government repeals a ​law, it ​causes that ​law no ​longer to have any ​legal ​force
  • Disaffection - no ​longer ​supporting or being ​satisfied with an ​organization or ​idea
  • Vague - not ​clearly ​expressed / known / described / decided
  • Over-broad - not sufficiently restricted to a specific purpose
  • Offences - illegal acts
  • Merely - just / only
  • Provocative - causing anger or another strong reaction
  • Innocuous - not harmful or offensive
  • Upholding - confirm or support something
  • Invoked - to use a ​law in ​order to ​achieve something
  • Pernicious - having a harmful effect
  • Disorder - a state of confusion
  • Excite - to cause someone to feel very enthusiastic and eager
  • Contempt - the feeling that a person or a thing is worthless
  • Disloyalty - not ​supporting someone / something that you should ​support
  • Enmity - a ​feeling of ​hate
  • Upheld - confirm or support (something which has been questioned)
  • Flagrant - a ​shocking bad ​action which is very common
  • Invoke - to use a ​law in ​order to ​achieve something
  • Strident - expressed in ​forceful ​/ harsh language
  • Scathing - criticizing someone or something in an ​unkind way
  • Mischief - misbehaviour
  • Rational - based on ​clear ​thought and ​reason
  • Scrap - to not ​continue with a ​system or ​plan

Topic 2 : "Aadhaar disquiet in the House"

  • Disquiet - worry
  • Criticism - the ​act of saying that something or someone is ​bad
  • Non-binding - not ​legally ​necessary to ​obey or ​follow
  • Subsidies - money given as ​part of the ​cost of something, to ​help or ​encourage it to ​happen
  • Amendment - a minor change or addition to improve something
  • Summarily - in short and clear manner (that gives the ​main ​facts or ​ideas about something)
  • Toss something aside - to ​throw away or get ​rid of something
  • Futile - pointless / having no ​effect or ​achieving nothing
  • Transparent - open and ​honest, without ​secrets
  • Privacy - a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people
  • Concern - worry
  • Mass - a large number of people or objects crowded together
  • Surveillance - the ​careful ​watching of a ​person or ​place
  • Misuse - use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose
  • Exceptions - something that is not ​included in a ​rule, ​group, or ​list
  • Confidentiality - secrecy / privacy
  • Substitute - to use something instead of another thing
  • Emergency - a serious, unexpected, and dangerous situation requiring immediate action
  • Vigilance - the action of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties
  • Comptroller - controller
  • Auditor - someone whose ​job is to ​carry out an ​official ​examination of the ​accounts of a ​business and to ​produce a ​report
  • Biometric data - detailed ​information about someone's ​body (such as the ​patterns of ​colour in ​their ​eyes / finger prints) that can be used to ​prove who that ​person is
  • Opt out - choose not to participate in something
  • Certain - some (but not all)
  • Deem - to ​consider or ​judge something in a ​particular way
  • Hypocrisy - a ​situation in which someone ​acts that he / she ​believe something that they do not really ​believe
  • Disquieting - causing ​worry
  • Ambit - the ​range or ​limits / scope / range of something
  • Intervention - the ​act of intentionally involving in a ​difficult ​situation
  • Disregarded - pay no attention to / ignored

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