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March 14, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 11th March 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 11th March 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "A flight shows up the system"
  • Departure - the action of leaving
  • Plea - an ​urgent and ​emotional ​request (to court)
  • Consortium - an association of several companies
  • Defunct - no longer existing or functioning
  • Glaringly - used to say that something ​bad is very ​common
  • Loophole - a ​small ​mistake in an ​agreement or ​law that gives someone the ​chance to ​avoid having to do something
  • Prevails - to be ​common among a ​group of ​people or ​area
  • Baron - an important or powerful person in a specified business or industry
  • Subsequently - after a particular thing has happened (afterwards)
  • Restrain - prevent (someone or something) from doing something / keep under control or within limits
  • Evading - to ​avoid or ​escape from someone or something
  • Right under the nose of - to be in a ​place that you can ​clearly ​see
  • Enforcement - to make ​people ​obey a ​law
  • Adverse - unfavourable
  • Despite - without being affected by / in spite of
  • Singled out - to ​choose one ​person or thing from a ​group for ​special ​attention (criticism / ​praise)
  • Vital - absolutely necessary / essential
  • Bona fides - a person's honesty and sincerity of intention
  • Credibility - the ​fact that someone can be ​believed or ​trusted
  • Brazen - obvious (without any ​attempt to be ​hidden)
  • Flaunting - to show something you are ​proud of in ​order to get ​admiration
  • Flamboyance - very ​confident in ​behaviour
  • Reputation -  the ​opinion that ​people in ​general have about someone or something
  • Circumstances - a ​fact or ​event that makes a ​situation the way it is
  • Adversity - a difficult or unpleasant situation
  • Perceived - to come to an ​opinion about something
  • Flouting - to ​intentionally not ​obey a ​rule, ​law

Topic 2 : "Action plan to fix public sector banks"
  • Bloated - excessive in size or amount
  • Provision - a ​statement within an ​agreement or a ​law that a ​particular thing must ​happen or be done
  • Legacy - an amount of money or property left to someone in a will
  • Clean slate - a ​state in which you are ​starting an ​activity or ​process again, not ​considering what has ​happened in the past at all
  • Caused a scare - cause great fear or nervousness
  • Given - knowing about or ​considering a ​particular thing
  • Grim - worrying, without ​hope
  • Legitimate - reasonable and acceptable
  • Infusion - the ​act of ​adding one thing to another to make it ​stronger or ​better
  • Inadequate - lacking the quality or quantity required (insufficient)
  • Asserting - to ​behave in a way that ​expresses ​your ​confidence
  • Indicate - point out / show
  • Arise - to happen
  • Subset - a part of a larger group of related things (not the main thing)
  • Consequence - result / effect
  • Malaise - a general feeling of discomfort
  • Inefficiency - a ​situation in which someone or something ​fails to use ​resources
  • Context - the ​situation within which something ​exists or ​happens, and that can ​help ​explain it
  • Significant - sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention / noteworthy
  • Empower - give (someone) the authority or power to do something
  • Arm’s-length relationship - a relationship lacking friendliness
  • Delink - break the connection between two things
  • Accountability - responsibility
  • Foster - encourage the development of something
  • Privilege - an ​opportunity to do something ​special
  • Autonomous - independent and having the ​power to make ​your own ​decisions
  • Sustainable - able to ​continue over a ​period of ​time
  • Holistic approach - dealing with or ​treating the ​whole of something
  • Stake - a ​share or a ​financial ​involvement in ​business
  • Spur - to ​encourage an ​activity or ​development or make it ​happen ​faster
  • Bankruptcy -  ​when you unable to ​pay your debts, the law of court sells ​your ​property to ​pay ​your ​debts
  • Overdue - not done or ​happening when ​expected or when ​needed
  • Pursue - to try to do something / achieve something
  • Purposefully - showing that you ​know what you ​want to do
  • Stingy - unwilling to ​spend ​money
  • Tacit -  ​understood without being ​expressed ​directly
  • Commendable - deserving praise
  • Concerted - planned / coordinated

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