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February 08, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 5th February 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 5th February 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Mehbooba Mufti must take a call"

  • Congenial - friendly and ​pleasant
  • Timeline - a ​plan that ​shows how ​long something will take or when things will ​happen
  • Agenda - a ​list of ​aims or ​possible ​future ​achievements
  • Alliance - a union or association formed for mutual benefit
  • Vacuum - an empty space
  • Reluctant - unwilling to do something
  • Mourning - the expression of sorrow for someone's death
  • Mentor - an experienced and trusted adviser
  • Comrade - a ​friend who you supports you in difficult and ​dangerous situations
  • Erosion - damage
  • Perceived - came to realize or understand something
  • Eschewed - to ​avoid something ​intentionally
  • Aligning - give support to someone
  • Indulgent- allowing someone do what they ​want (especially when this is not good for them)
  • Foment trouble - to cause or develop trouble
  • Instigated - initiated
  • Obligations - something that you must do
  • Partisan - a strong supporter of a party
  • Perspective - point of view
  • Evident - clearly seen or understood
  • Overture - a ​communication made to someone in ​order to ​offer something
  • Brinkmanship - the ​activity of ​trying to get what you ​want by saying that if you do not get it, you will do something ​dangerous
  • Jeopardise - to put (someone or something) into a dangerous situation
  • Reckoning - the process of calculating or estimating something

Topic 2 : "A racist turn in Bengaluru"
  • Racist - believing that other ​races are not as good as ​your own and ​therefore ​treating them ​unfairly
  • Sporting - showing
  • Bigotry - intolerance towards those who have different opinions than you
  • Vigilantism - taking the law into your own hands
  • At the receiving end of something - suffered because of something
  • Determined - wanting to do something very much and not ​allowing anyone to ​stop
  • Mete something out - to give or ​order a ​punishment (especially cruel or ​unfair ​treatment)
  • Ire - anger
  • Assaulted - to make a physical attack
  • Mob - a large crowd of people (causing trouble or violence)
  • Rescued - saved (someone) from a dangerous or difficult situation
  • Torched - to set fire
  • Lackadaisical - lacking enthusiasm and determination (carelessly lazy)
  • Machinery - organization
  • Prompt - to make something ​happen
  • Protest - a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something
  • Plausible - able to be ​believed
  • Peculiar - strange
  • Molest - to ​touch or ​attack someone in a ​sexual way against ​their ​wishes
  • Free rein - the ​freedom to do, say what you want
  • Pathological - related to people who are unable to ​control ​their ​behaviour (​unreasonable)
  • Colourism - discrimination against people with a dark skin tone
  • Discrimination - ​treating a ​person or ​particular ​group of ​people ​differently (in a ​worse way)
  • Hostility - unfriendliness
  • Amply - sufficiently
  • Attested - provided
  • Vast - extremely ​big
  • Exodus - a lot of ​people from a ​place leaving at the same time
  • Megalopolis - a very large, heavily populated city
  • Citizenry - the ​group of ​people who ​live in a ​particular ​country or ​place
  • Prejudice - an ​unfair and ​unreasonable ​opinion or ​feeling
  • Diversity - many different ​types of things or ​people being ​included in same place
  • Tolerance -  ​willingness to ​accept ​behaviour and ​beliefs of others

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