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February 20, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 17th February 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 17th February 2016. Happy Reading :)
  • Sustainable -  able to continue over a period of time
  • Lamented - to express sadness and feeling sorry about something
  • Stinking - having a bad smell
  • Squalid - a place extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially as a result of poverty or neglect
  • Urban - in a city or town
  • Landscape - scenery
  • Merely - just
  • Suburb - the outer area of a town
  • Quest - search for something
  • Steady - not moving or changing suddenly
  • Urbanisation -  the process by which more and more people leave the countryside to live in cities
  • Affluent - having a lot of money or owning a lot of things
  • Trash - waste material
  • Filth - dirt
  • Cosmetic - Corrective changes, etc. are intended to make you believe that something is better when, really, the problem has not been solved
  • Landfills - the process of getting rid of large amounts of rubbish by burying it
  • Sewage - ​waste ​matter such as ​water or ​human ​urine or ​solid ​waste
  • Staggering - very shocking and surprising
  • Pile -  a mass of something that has been placed somewhere
  • Take a leaf out of - to copy something that someone else does because it will bring you advantages
  • Reduction - the amount by which something is lessened
  • Segregating - to keep one thing separate from another
  • Tonnage- the size or carrying capacity of a ship measured in tons
  • Vested - fully and unconditionally guaranteed as a legal right, benefit
  • Imagery - visual images
  • Dwells - to live in a place or in a particular way
  • Garner - to collect something, usually after much work or with difficulty
  • Devoted - loyal
  • Bulwark - something that protects you from dangerous or unpleasant situations

Topic 2 : "The curious case of Justice Karnan"
  • Curious - strange / unusual
  • Chronicles - a written ​record of ​historical ​events
  • Aberrant - different from usual (especially in an ​unacceptable way)
  • Prominent - important / famous
  • Over-the-top - in an ​uncontrolled way
  • Instance - example
  • Affidavit - a written ​statement that someone makes after ​promising ​officially to ​tell the ​truth
  • Constrained - to ​control what you do by ​keeping you within ​particular ​limits
  • To top it all - if you have been ​describing ​bad things that ​happened, and then say that to top it all something ​else ​happened, you ​mean that the ​final thing was ​even ​worse
  • Suo motu - something done on it's own, without depending on any external cause [used in situations where a government or court acts on its own]
  • Threatening - to ​tell someone that you will ​kill or ​hurt them or ​cause ​problems if they do not do what you ​want
  • Trivialise - to make something ​seem less ​important than it really is
  • Inconceivable - ​impossible to ​imagine or ​think of
  • Condemned - expressed complete disapproval
  • Conduct - behaviour
  • Uncharitable - unkind and ​unfair
  • Ungenerous - not ​willing to give or ​share things (​especially ​money) / mean
  • Indecorous - ​behaving ​badly or ​rudely
  • Subsequent - happening after something ​else
  • Testimony - a clear ​proof of something
  • Collegium system - it is a system under which appointments and transfers of judges are decided by a forum of the Chief Justice of India and the four senior-most judges of the Supreme Court.
  • Brought to light - to discover something and reveal it to the public
  • Inadequacies - inability to deal with a situation
  • Impeachment - a formal process of saying that a govt official did something wrong (an unlawful activity)
  • Brazen - doing someting very open and shocking way without shame
  • Resign - voluntarily leave a job or office
  • Come into play - becoming active, operative, or effective
  • Remedy - a ​successful way of ​dealing with a ​problem or ​difficulty

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