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February 12, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 10th February 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 10th February 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Adhering to basics and freedom"

  • Commended - to praise formally or officially
  • Unambiguously - to express something in a clear way
  • Discrimination - ​treating a ​person or ​particular ​group of ​people in a ​worse way from the way in which you ​treat other ​people, because of ​their ​skin ​colour, ​sex, ​sexuality, etc
  • Vital - absolutely necessary; essential
  • Stance - a way of ​thinking about something (especially ​expressed in a ​publicly ​​opinion)
  • Commendable - deserving praise
  • Enormous - very large in size
  • Tinker - to make ​small ​changes to something (​especially in an ​attempt to ​repair or ​improve it)
  • Interpretation - the action of explaining something
  • Complex - difficult to ​understand
  • Pretend - to ​behave as if something is ​true when you ​know that it is false (​especially in ​order to ​cheat ​people)
  • Voluntary - working for a cause without payment
  • Admirably - deserving ​respect
  • Campaigned - worked in an organized and active way towards a goal
  • Intrinsically - importantly (natural part of something)
  • Violate - to break a law / agreement
  • Debate - a formal discussion on a particular matter
  • Prominent - very well ​known
  • Persistent - lasting for a ​long ​time (​difficult to get ​rid of)
  • Altruistic - to ​help ​others, ​even if it ​results in ​disadvantage for yourself (unselfishness)
  • Campaign - a ​planned ​group of ​activities to ​achieve a ​particular ​aim
  • Rebranding - to ​change the way that an ​organization is ​seen by the ​public
  • Adhering - to stick to (to completely depend on something)
  • Consequence - a result / effect
  • Imply - to ​communicate an ​idea or ​feeling without saying it ​directly
  • Catering - to provide something
  • Palatable - acceptable / satisfactory
  • Distort - to give a misleading or false impression
  • Ruling - a decision

Topic 2 : "Time for pharma course correction"

  • Exemptions - to ​excuse someone or something from a ​duty, ​payment, etc
  • Impact -  effect / influence
  • Expenditure - an amount of money spent
  • Adversely - in a way that is harmful (likely to cause problems)
  • Waiver - an ​agreement that you do not have to ​pay something
  • Interim - temporary
  • Broad-based - something that will affect many different activities
  • Commodities - useful or valuable things
  • Partisan - someone who ​supports a ​person
  • Ends up - to ​finally be in a ​particular ​​situation
  • Regime - a system or ordered way of doing things
  • Novel - new and ​original
  • Dominance - power and influence over others

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