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January 19, 2016

Today's IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Susant majhi

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Name :- Susant majhi

Qualifications :- B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

Centre :- UCO Bank head office unit 2 Bhubaneswar 

Date :- 19th January 2015

Time :- 1PM,  Panel 2

First of all, the document verification took place at sharply 1pm, they were checking all the documents carefully including graduation pass out date and caste certificate format (Ibps prescribed)
If u don't have ibps prescribed format of caste certificate don't worry but u should have ur original caste certificate and xerox..
At 2:30 pm my document verification was over and my serial number was 15 out of 23 so i waited and my chance came at 3:30pm.
There were 5 members 4 male and 1 female
I went inside asking permission and  wished them good afternoon to first madam then all sirs, they offered me to sit, i thanked and sat down.
The leading panel member

M1:- So Mr susant tell us where are you from?
Me:- told my place

M1:- Ok tell us about yourself?
Me:- told about myself, my qualifications, my achievement etc then M1 interrupted and asked u r 2015 passout didn't got any job yet. Is this your 1st interview?
Me:- Sir in our college i didn't got placed in any campus drive coz mostly were it companies and their cut off was more n although my btech grades r gud but 12th was not gud..

M1:- Ur college is very gud but how u weren't placed.? Ok leave it what your father do?
Me:- he is an employee of HAL koraput engine division

F1:- Ok tell me what do you mean by Digital India?
Me:- Told it's an initiative by our PM to make everything digital, all types of work is done almost in online modes, no paper or offline method, make better living standards by making smart cities in india, etc they looked un satisfied.

M4:- Ok what do you mean by NITI ayog?
Me:- told about our new planning commission, replacing old one, the chairman is our PM narendra modi, here the members take part n plan about our budget, planning of our economy growth etc

M1:- Who is its vice chairman?
Me:- Arvind panagariya

M4:- who are the members n y it replaced old planning commission?
Me:- chairman, vice chairman and all other states CM. It replaced due to more corruption and less involvement of state minister.

M3:- what is the difference between customer satisfaction n delight?
Me:- when a customer gets what he desires or demands in service or market he is satisfied then delight part could not able to say..
M:3, M1:- Ok what is satisfaction,  i said the same, n then what is delight, i said when he gets more than he demands.. They said u r correct, u knew but unable to frame answer i said yes..was confused

M3:- ok tell difference between customer and consumer?
Me:- I told answer but reverse definition of both, then corrected by saying sorry.

M2:- what is KYC?
Me:- Rbi guidelines to know the customer before opening account by checking their id proof, address proof, photo

M1:- Why it(KYC) is necessary?
Me:- To know the genuineness of a customer

M1:- Suppose you become a manager in a bank at rural area, how you will sanction loans?
Me:- I told by checking their credits, account availability, any assets,  will be able to pay interest or not n other things before sanction of loan.

M1:- what is your hobby?
Me:- Drawing sketches and painting
M1:- Ok you can go.

I wished good day and thanked them before going away.

Please rate my experience and pray for me.

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