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January 19, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 18th January 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 18th January 2016. Happy Reading :)

Note : There were No Editorials in The Hindu on 16th & 17 January 2016.

Topic 1 : "Freedoms only for the outraged"

  • Outraged - a ​feeling of ​anger and ​offence
  • Presumably - by assuming reasonably
  • Adherents - people who supports a particular party / person
  • Mimicking - imitating someone in a funny way
  • Meanwhile - while something is ​happening
  • Misdeed - a type of bad behavior
  • Intolerance - unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from your own
  • Instances - examples
  • Iterate - to ​repeat a ​process
  • Distinction - difference
  • Superstition - ​a belief, not based on reason or knowledge, but is ​connected with ​old ​ideas about ​magic, etc
  • Meandering - to move aimlessly
  • Vandalisation - the act of deliberately destroying or damaging public or private property
  • Intimidatory - to ​frighten someone to make them do something you want
  • Inhibit - to ​prevent someone from doing something by making them ​feel ​nervous or ​embarrassed
  • Orthodox - traditional ​beliefs
  • Amendment  - a change made to an original document or statement
  • Sedition - the illegal act of making someone do or ​believe something
  • Defiant - bold / disobedient
  • Upstarts - people who have ​suddenly got ​power or an ​important ​position and ​takes ​advantage of this in an ​unpleasant way
  • Sphere - a ​subject or ​area of ​knowledge (here Political Knowledge)
  • Pervasive - an unwanted influence spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people
  • Fragile - easily ​damaged
  • Fringe - the ​outer or less ​important ​part of an ​area
  • Affiliation - a ​connection with a ​political ​party or ​religion
  • Foreground - to give the most ​importance to a ​particular ​topic
  • Abnormal - different from what is normal / usual (bad)
  • Circumstances - ​events that ​change ​your ​life, over which you have no ​control
  • Wholesome -  morally good
  • Instinct - inborn behavior (something you don't need to learn)

Topic 2 : "Starting up to stand still?"

  • Stand still - a ​condition in which all ​movement or ​activity has ​stopped
  • Unveil - to uncover
  • Talkathon - an unusually long speech or discussion
  • Honcho - a leader or manager (the person in charge)
  • Amidst - in the middle of (surrounded by)
  • Euphoria - a feeling of great happiness / craziness
  • Counterparts - people of equal job position / level
  • Laudable - deserving ​praise
  • Deter - discourage someone from doing something
  • Intervene -  to ​intentionally ​become ​involved in a ​difficult ​situation in ​order to ​improve it
  • Headline-grabbing measure - doing something to get publicity (to be in Headlines of new papers)
  • Slotting - to place something in an order
  • Red tape - official ​rules and ​processes that ​seem ​unnecessary
  • Unanimous - fully in agreement
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