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January 10, 2016

Sensex Calculation

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This is a simple way to learn how SENSEX is calculated.


*sensex is associated with bombay stock exchange, ये तो आप जानते ही हैं

*Initially "Total market capitalization" का use किया जाता था
*Now "free float market capitalization" is used

*Base year 1978-79

*Base Index Value 100

*30 Scrips are taken into calculation

Following are excluded from calculation=>
~share held by founder/director/acquirers

~share held by Govt as promoter/acquirer

~holding through FDI route

~equity held by associate/group bodies

~ Equity held by employee welfare trust

~locked-in-share (जिन्हे trade नही कर सकते )

sensex = sum of free float market capitalization of 30 scrips * Index value

Index value = 100/total market capitalization of 30 scrips in 1978-79

Example: Assume there are three companies

ACC------market capitalization in 1978-79=  10,000rs

BHEL ---  =  30,000

Bajaj--- = 50,000

Total = 90,000

ACC--300shares*300rs each = 90,000

BHEL  600shares*500rs each = 3,00,000

BAJAJ  600 shars*600rs each = 3,60,000 (all shares are after excluding shares held mentioned above)

TOTAL =   7,50,000

INDEX FACTOR = 100/90,000 = 0.0011

SENSEX = 7,50,000 * 0.0011 = 825 Points

Umesh Ghosi

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