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January 19, 2016

Interview Experience of IBPS PO V - Milind (Ahmedabad)

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Name – Patel Milind Riteshkumar

Qualification – BE Mechanical

Venue – Dena Laxmi Bhavan, Ahmedabad

Date – 18/01/16

Time – 8.30 AM

Panel – 2

First thing first .. none of expected/obvious questions were asked like introduction, hobbies, strength,
After document verification I entered in the interview room exactly at 1:22 PM. There were 4 members
in the panel (3 male and 1 female)
M1 – Milind Patel ?!!!!
M1 – ok tell me what is role of mechanical engineer in bank
M1 – what is project evaluation ?
M1 – what is banking ?
M2 (in Hindi) - what does bank do other than deposit and lending ?
M2 (in Hindi) – what should be improved in bank ?
F1 (in Hindi) – difference b/w debit card and credit card ?
F1 (in Hindi) – tell me about CRISIL and CIBIL ?
F1 (in Hindi) – situation based que about NPA
M3 (in GUJARATI) – Do you have acc in bank ?
M3 (in GUJARATI) – what is balance in your account ?
M3 (in GUJARATI) – who is governor of Gujarat ?
M3 (in GUJARATI) – which day is observed on 26November ?
And the last question ….
M1 (in Hindi) – tell me about yourself which is not mentioned in application form ?
ALL THE BEST guys …. !!!!

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