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January 28, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Prasad (Pune)

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Name :- Prasad

Place :- Pune, Bank Of Maharashtra

Panel :- 3rd

Time  :- 8.30 AM

Date :- 27 jan 2016
5 Members 1 Female n 4 Male

My no was 19 so my interview started at 12.45 pm

Me :- May I come in.

Yes Come in

As i stood near the chair Said Good afternoon to mam n All sirs

then they said please be seated

M1 :- So you are from Latur.
Me :- Yes Sir.

M1 :- Tell me about your Educational Qualification N Family Background ?
Me :- Sir, as you know I am basically from latur I ahve compleated my graduation in B.Sc(Computer Science) from Latur itself in 2009 after completing my graduation I came to pune to do MBA in Marketing and
compleated it in 2011 after completing MBA i got job in XYZ Company as a Business Development Executive n I worked there for 10 Months n left my job in 1013 n currently i am prepering for Banking Exams. N my
family background sir, My father is an retired Dy. Engineer he was in Errigation Department. My Mother is Home Maker n I have 2 Sisters both of them are married n 1 Brother he is an Engineer.

M1 :- Why you left your job?
Me :- Sir Salary was less

M1 :- How Much?
Me :- 8000

M1 :- So you could have continued to work there and you would have got growth in Salary?
Me :- Sir, I worked there for 10 months there was not any growth n besides it was a third party job.

M1 :- MBA from which College?
Me :- Sir, JSPM Wagholi in Marketing.

M1 :- What is Marketing?
Me :- Sir, it is the process in which customers desire, wants, and needs are provided in the form of products and services.

M1 :- How much land do you have?
Me :- Sir, 20 acre

M1 :- Who is looking after it n what crops are there now?
Me :- Sir, as my father is retired so he is looking after it  n Soyabean was there but now Nothing

M1 :- Errigation Facility?
Me :- Nothing Sir totally dependent on rain.

M2 :- So Prasad consider you are working in an Ice Cream Company and your boss asked to survay an area which is very backward n very poor what will you suggest to your boss whether to open a store there or
not as the people are very poor?
Me :- Sir, I will definitelly tell my boss to open a store there.

M2 :- Why? the people can not afford to purchase icecream?
Me :- Sir, We have to do Business n earn profit n as the people can not affort to purchase icecream initially i will give them icecream for free to make habbit of it then will give buy 1 get 1 free offer n
we can recover our this loss from other area sir n once they get used to our product we will be able to sell our product easily.

M2 :- Dont you think its a crime?
Me :- No sir as we have to do business n earn profit.

M2 :- Still dont you think its a crime?
Me :- No sir afterall we are not selling poison to them.

Good Good n all laughed...

F1 :- Prasad as the banks are becoming crowded these days what will you do to reduce crowd from bank.
Me :- Mam i will create awareness about the internet banking n new apps being launched by the banks.

F1 :- But they dont know how to use it?
Me :- Mam once we have to teach them how to use the internet banking services we offer n information about the apps n once they get used to it automatically crowd will be reduced.

F1 :- What about ATM?
Me :- Yes mam if we increase no of ATM then that will be helpful too.

F1 :- Credit rating companies in India?
Me :- Mam Crisil, Moody, Fitch

F1 :- Ok Good. then looked towards third male member of the panel.

From here Onwards they spoke in Marathi language

M3 :- If an area is totally covered by Money Lenders (Savkar) then what will you do as an bank employee?
Me :- Sir I will create awareness about Bank loan facility to the people of that area and will create awareness about its benefits also n will convince them not to take loan from money lenders as they
charge heavily.

M3 :- If people takes loan from money lenders then what will happen?
Me :- Sir as they charge heavily it will increase the loan burden n more suicides will happen.
      ( As i belong to Marathwada region where recently because of loans many farmers are committing suicides)

M4 :- Suppose one has a 2 acre land near river where he grows sugercane n another land of 15 acre which is 4 km away from river then which product will you sell to him as a bank employee?
Me :- Sir i will tell him to take loan to make pipeline to that area and i will also tell him to use drip irrigation system in that area.
or tell him to take loan under Well Millennium Scheme (Vihiri Daslaksha Yojana)

M4 :- 4 Km Pipeline krne ke liye bologe.
Me :- Ha sir kyo ki uski 15 acre land hamare pass girvi rahegi uski wajah se hame hamare paise bhi wapis confirmly mil jayenge.

All Thank you
I said Thank you n Good day to them.

All 4 members asked me Situational questions only nothing else except education qualification n family background.

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