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January 22, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Nagaraju (Vijayawada)

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Date : 21st Jan 2016

Place : Andhra Bank Zonal Office, Vijayawada

Education : B.Tech (ECE)

Panel : I

Time : 1:00 PM

Duration: 5 min

5 Members 1 female, 4 male

 I reached the Venue 12:45 PM. Document verification over at 2 pm and I waited for two and half hours. My turn came at 4.35 pm....
 My Interview mainly focussed on my technical subjects and related to RBI.....

Me: May I come in sir?
Panel: Yes come in...
Me: Good evening sirs, good evening madam...
 Panel: Good evening, take your seat
Me: thank you sir
M1 (chairman): Introduce yourself, educational qualifications, family Background??
Me: Answered
M1: What is your mother?
Me: Answered
M2: what is Internet Technology?
Me: Technology related Internet, protocols, Networking, Error correction techniques....sir.
M2: what is IP?
Me: IP stands for Internet protocol. It is unique address to identify the Host on Internet.
M2: what is a foundation of Management? (It’s my technical subject )
Me: Sorry sir, I didn’t remember right now.

M2: what is VSAT and its working?
Me: VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal. It is used in Satellite communication...and In Banks also. It is placed on the top of ATMs.
M2: Some cross questions on VSAT?
Me: Answered....
M1: what is leased lines?
Me: Answered Partially....
M1: what did you prepared for Interview?
Me: Banking basics, RBI sir...
M4: when was RBI Established and Nationalized?
Me: 1935 & 1949.
M4: who is first governor of RBI?
Me: Sir Osborne smith
M4: who Present Governor of RBI?
Me: Mr.Raghu Ram Rajan
M4: who had worked in RBI for long-term as RBI Governor??
Me: Mr.Benigal Rama Rau (1949-1957). (Panel this question......)
M4: who had worked as RBI Governor for short term just 25 days???
Me: Mr.Amitabh Ghosh (1985)
M3, F1 (technical Expert): didn’t ask any question.....
Panel:  All the Best............
Me: Thank U sirs, Thank U Madam.

I am Satisfied with my performance. Hope for the best.........
I hope this Experience helpful for U.....
Hard Work Sometimes Fails but Smart Work Never Fails.........

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