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January 27, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Munnu (Guntur)

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Name : S K Munnu

Qualification : B.Tech-- EC

Interview Date : 21-01-16

Time : 8:30 AM

Interview Duration : 15-20 Min
 My Panel No :

Interview Venue : Guntur - Zonal Office
In my panel only me and the other person who are properly dressed

4members: 3m+1f(all are atleast 60+aged)
entered into the room with a smiling face nd wisehed every one
they offered seat
M1: silent nd quietly observing

M2: ok Mr where do u reside?

M2: what is ur father?
A: my father worked as police inspector passed away few years back while in service

M2:in service it means u might have offered a job?
A: yes sir,, as i'm self independent by nature rather than taking compassionate appointment i preferred this away..

M2: u have gud personality why haven't u opted for defense??(as i'm taller )
A: thanq sir, i have chosen this path  after the completion of my engineering  that's it..

M1: suddenly which cadre job has offered to u ??
A: udc--upper division clerk sir

M2: oh u have passed in 2012 ?? what have u done from then on wards??
A: sir, one and half year i spent in coaching centers wasted my money unable to follow their way and so i started my own self preparation with some test series ,,last year i have given an attempt i didn't made now here i'm..

now comes m3
M3: ok in what way banks provide loans in agriculture??
A: sir,banks provide loans in agriculture sector majorly in the developmental projects,,in handicrafts,,related to farming etc ((i have not mentioned in detail as i have less knowledge,, i thought if i do so they are gonna ask q's from it and so i'm telling my ans slowly mean while m2 ne m3 ke kan me kuch bol diya )

M3:now m3 stopped asking q regarding loans in agriculture sector and diverted to ,, like ok ur from guntur then what sort of loans that u know which banks offer in city?
A: sir, there are various kinds of loans such as education loan, vehicle loan,gold loan,etc in detail..

M3: what is the eligibility to acquire loan??
A: explained in detail..

M3:ok for housing loan what are the necessary doc's required?
A: sir, to get housing loan a person has to be employed or he/she should be able to submit IT returns if he is a self employed, along with this his id and residence proof docs are required and along with,, a security should be given as guarantee necessarly from a third party..

M3:oh guarantee(security) has to keep why so??
A: sir , there is need not necessary as the property documents of the house is sufficient as security as guarantee.

M3:yes,,then what is guarantee?(as i mentioned previously)?
A: answered in detail,,, in between of the ans i intentionally mentioned collateral

M3: so he asked what is collateral??
A: i explained it is a security which is given as a surity by the borrower to the lender and in case if he unable to pay he can sell it and recover debt ,,bla bla,,,

M3: ok what are the types of collateral??
A: i was thinking what the f** i never  heard this of ,,,ok ,, sir as far my knowledge there are 2 types i.e movable properties(gold,car etc) and immovable property(land, office, etc)

M3:what is the title of the loan??
A:WHAT *^*%,,, sorry sir i dont know

now  the chance passed on to the female interviewer
L:in your opinion why is india is not developing even after having various schemes??
A:in my view,,, majorly the benifits are not reaching upto the bottom level of our society ,,,there are very effective schemes  for the upliftment such pmjdy,pmsby,pmfby etc but as far as me i feel political reasons and lack of knowledge regarding various schemes r the major reason,, then

L:these all ok but there is one primary problem?? do u know ?? take some time nd think???
A: sorry mam unable to get

L: its corruption
A: that i 2 know ,,,if i tell directly  on their face straight away there is a chance to take in -ve way nd so i mentioned political reasons but she wanted this exact word ,,,, then i finally added ,, yes mam that is the very primary thing along with that whatever i told comes as secondary reasons mam...
 by this time their faces seems to be satisfied but i'm unable to read M1 face as his face is expressionless and he continued his observationn...
by the time about to leave again

M3: (as i belongs to muslim community)recently one person has appointed has permanent member as representative to UN form india??
A: unable to recollect sir (studied for clerk but unable to recollect that moment)---- syed akbaruddin

M3:ok who's the cheif election commissioner,,, common he belongs to ur community??
A: sorry sir,,  he told najib shah,,,, what he is a CBEC chairman?? any way i felt like i shouldn't speak if i do so it might hurt their ego as they are very elderly aged and so i remained calm

then finally ok u have done well ,, all the best thank you
i felt relieved
i have not felt a bit of nervousness in this whole interview as i felt like i'm going to sell my self but however i have not answered 3-4 q's but i answered confidently what ever i have known ...

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