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January 26, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience from Patna

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Disqus id – barbie

Time – 8.30 am

Date – 22/01/16

Place : land development bank , Patna

I reached the venue at 8.20 pm. The biometric and document verification started at 8.30 pm..seated outside room n ws  waiting for my turn (11th)

1candidate told me you are looking best over here :D
Then interviews started, I entered around 11.30 am.

                  Panel Members:: 5 Men and 1 women

ME:: May I Come In sir ?

M1:yes comein, darwaja laga dijie..

ME:: Good Morning Mam, Good Morning Sir.

They asked me to sit down and then wished me back.

ME:: Thank You

M1: Sub kya tha aapka ?

ME :: Sir, (h)

M2:: PG ni kiya aapne

ME :: No sir (2014 passed out)

M1:: beta jldi2 balance sheet k subheads btao

ME:: Told (but got fumbled)

M1:: Current liabilities me kya2 aayga

ME :: told only 3

M1:: Term liabilities kaha aayga ?

ME :: Sir wo long term liability h wo fixed liabilities me aayga (wrong)

M1:: Current assets n fixed assets me kya2 aayga

ME :: Told

M1:: Difference between trade and commerce ?

ME ::told

M1:: maine difference pucha tha ,definition ni

ME :: I was about to xplain,bt he passed to M2

M1:: Validity of copyright ©

Me:: told 1yr (though I know the answer, said wrong ans due to nervousness)

M2:: Aap anisabad ke ho ?

ME:: Yes sir (with smile)

M2:: Anisabad name q hai iska ye phla question........dusra question ye k
ye kvi capital v hua krta tha q?

ME :: (Blank) sorry sir ,don’t know

M2 passes to M3

M3:: (He was very aged)He asked something that i hv never heard before ..i
said sorry sir....then M1 xplained it....i said thank you sir

M3:: Again asked something that i hv never heard before..thn M1 gives me some clue i was nt told doubtedly...then M1 explained ..which i told already 

M3:: Direct n indirect tax

ME:: Told

M3 Passes to M4

M4:: Break even point ?

ME :: told

M4 passes to M5(Female)

M5:: Govt. k kuch schemes bank me aaye hai kya hai wo ?

ME:: Told (jan dhan yojana,jeevan jyoti yojana , suraksha yojana)

M1:: Xplain ?

ME:: Xplained (jeeven jyoti yojana)

M1:: What are the types of commerce

ME:: E-com ? (Asked)
M1 :: ok , avi start up aaya hai kya hai wo ?

ME:: xplained

1cross question told with an example

 M1 :: Tell some co. Name

ME:: Told (flipkart)

He takes another co. name

Then M1 said that’s all

Thankyou sir mam

When came at the door i remembered that forgot to say then said Have a nice day

It went about 20min....I was nervous in between..also forget to smile many times..Overall it was a nice experience.

Hoping for the best :)

Thanks !!


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