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January 30, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Deepak

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Haiii Guys sorry for late update…

This is Deepak (Disqus Name: Nithin) attended the interview on 27/01/2016 at Andhra Bank Head Office at Panel III morning session at 8.30.

Certificate verification started at 8:30 and my number was 17. Without any problem I completed this stage.. (Not like last Interview)
There were 5 members in the panel M1,M2,M3,M4 and F1
Went inside by taking permission and wished them all
M1:  Take your seat.
Me: Thanku Sir
M1: So, What is your name and where are you coming from?
Me: told
M1: What is Mututal Fund?
Me: don’t know exactly but can say what I know sir.. (Ha No one knows everything beta tell what you know..) Mutual fund means a group of persons pool their money at point and get the money with dividend after a certain time..
M1: ok… is there any minimum dividend there….
Me: I don’t know sir, Sorry
M1:  Did you get marry…?
Me: with a smile I said No.. (But I don’t know y he asked like that…)…. (got funny thoughts in my mind …. :-P)
M1: what is your father and where is he now?
Me: Told
M1 passed to M2
M2: So you worked in XXX Bank? What is ATM Machine function?
Me: told
M2: How ATM cards are issued?
Me: Explained the process….
M3: How do ATM Pin generate?
Me: It is generated by system
M3: I know but how?
Me: Technically I don’t know sir.
M4 is observing didn’t asked anything.
M2: How do we reissue a DD?
Me: I Said Don’t Know is exactly… Because I didn’t face till now… (I know that for reissuing indemnity bond is require.. But didn’t expressed thought I may be wrong.. )
M4: where are you working now..?
Me: Told
Passed to F1
F1: Do you have any Idea about State Govt.  Scheme in Telangana?
Me: Yes mam.
F1: they introduced a scheme about marriages..
Me: yes mam it is Kalyana Laxmi in which govt will provide 50,000/- for Bride who are economically backward.
F1: is there any guidelines or rule to that…
Me: yes mam there are some rules for it they had to get some certificate from local Tahsildar or MRO.. and this Scheme is also applicable to Muslim Girls.
F1: Is there any different name for scheme applicable to Muslim ?
Me: (Actually mistakenly I told that Muslim Minority as I Don’t Know exact Name for that…After thinking a While…) Shadi Mubharak….
M1 & F1: yesss Exactly…
M1: Ok Deepak You Can go Now.
I slowly stood and wished thanking you Sir, Mam.
Finally M4 spoke and said All the Best Gentleman.
I said think you sir.. and came out.
This was my interview with Don’t Know Don’t Know Sorry Sorry…. 
All the very best all other friends….

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