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January 25, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Nandu (Tirupathi)

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Name :- Nandu

Date :- 25th Jan

Center :- Tirupathi

Panel :- 1
There are 3members in panel
M1 M2 F1

May I come in sir

Good afternoon madam and good afternoon sir
Then they offer to take seat.
First M2 started the interview
M2:where are you from?
Me:- answered
M2:- what is your father?
Me:- answered
M2:- what is your mother?
Me:- answered
M2:- why you want to leave TCS??
Me:- answerd and cross questions in that
M2:- what is mobile banking???
M2:- what is teller in general terms??
Me:- answered
M2:-have you ever visited bank??
Me:- answered
M2:- what you have seen in bank??
Me:- answerd
M2:- we are having many students. Why I need to take you??
Me:- now a days banks are using iam already having work experience I can easily adopt the things.
M2:- Okay that work will do by specialist officer.what else you will do??
Me:- sir, I will handle pressure very well because iam already pressure environment and I will build professional relationship with colleagues.They satisfied
Then turn goes to M1
M1:- what is your package??
Me:- answered
M1:- you have good package then why you are coming to bank?
Me:- yes sir I.will get good package but I waht to work for our customers. They satisfied
M1:- what you have studied for Interview apart from bank definition :-P
Me:- sir I studied about rbi,gdp,gnp.
M1:- explain about gdp and gnp?
Me:- explained clearly
M1: what is zero balanced budget??
Me:- not answerd.i told, Sir I have read it but I forgot
M1:- what is cross border exchange??
Me:- not answered
M1:- what is devaluation??
M1:- devaluation example??
Me:- recently China sir
M1:- what is currency of China??
Me- I told yuan.
M1:- it's wrong
Me:- I told renimbi
M1:- yes

Then he gave the turn to F1
F1:- what is bank?
Me:- answerd
F1:- what is WUMS?
Me:- sorry madam
F1:- what Is difference between private and public sector bank?

Next turn goes to again M1
M1:- what is the special on Jan 26?
Me:- Republic day. It's constitution day sir
M1:- who is the cm of United andhra pradesh?
Me:- neelam sanjev Reddy sir
M1: great, you can leave now

Thank you madam and thank you sirs

Thanks for your support gr8ambitionz

All the best guys for your interview

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